Day9, a plea for help and guidance!


I am writing to you as an avid fan of your work, passion and above all ability to actually DO the things you want to do....

I write to you in the hope of some small snippet of wisdom i can use to propel my self into my own future as i personally can feel myself slipping slowly towards the pit of complete depression.

I am currently a first year law student here in the United Kingdom but know deep down i am only doing this due to my parents wish for me to have a "successful" career in some field, which isn't helped by my mother having done both law and medicine at oxford, and so she has big expectations and i simply feel i cannot live up to them as my passions and wants have never been within the sort of fields she or others want them to be in. I feel this huge weight knowing that if i even tried to do what i wanted i'd still be loved and cared for in essence but DEEP down i'd know she'd think me a failure or someone who "wasted" my potential....and this weighs heavily on my conscience as someone who values their family hugely due to moving around all my life my family has been all i've had...

I really simply wish to know how anyone nowadays can truly start something from nothing with all the competition for places/recognition, it just seems impossible without experience or knowledge of how to go about it and as someone with a purely science background from school and now a law foundation i have no idea how to start anything web it web design or marketing or shout-casting start-up on twitch myself so feel completely lost at sea. My main gripe would be that everything work related seems to demand some form of prior experience of knowledge, no just "give me something" internships or work placements to get someone like me, a desperately keen know nothing, a chance!

I am all too aware how busy most people are and the likelihood of this getting much a response is slim but i feel so strongly that I am stagnating as a person and am only getting more unhappy as i sit and watch my life go by as i simply don't know how to get out of the starting blocks...I know there are all these examples of similar go-getters like yourself and the Rosen brothers but i don't have the luxury or fortune of being at a university with a foundation of a large e sports club that could even possibly start something like they did and so simply listing them as an example would be of little help to me.

I know this sounds like a "do it all for me" speech but all i'd like is a guiding hand or word to simply show me the way out of where I am to where i'd like to go!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this anyone, i don't know what to expect but can only thank you for simply reading what's on my mind.

Love your work day9 and your blog i just want to make a dream a reality (such cliché but damnit its true!)