FLUB - Fabricator of Ludicrously Unplayable Balance

Hey all,

I just published an SC2 extension mod entitled "FLUB - Fabricator of Ludicrously Unplayable Balance."  Anyone care to try it out?   starcraft://map/1/239157


I had two goals in making this: first and foremost, to make a game with "Ludicrously Unplayable" in the title.  Secondly, to make a highly configurable stat-randomizer for SC2, so people could goof around and have fun without worrying about skill levels and whatnot.

The game is of course REALLY unbalanced -- not just due to randomization, but because I'm only so experienced with SC2, and maintaining different distribution curves for every unit-stat combo would be a nightmare.  Any balance recommendations that speak in terms of multiplicative factors would help me tremendously!

Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated!  Questions are welcome too.

(And yes, I did characterize FLUB as an eerie Glados-like character in the mod, because why wouldn't I!?!  Aesthetic criticism is also welcome.)