Action packed game

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I played a 40 minute pvp game that was probably the most action-packed I've ever played. It was an unranked game, but i'm plat in ranked.

If I could figure out how to upload to sc2 replays I would but because I can't I'll summarize it. I only cannon rushed because I dislike pvp and my opponent wasn't playing ranked.

I spent the first 9 minutes cannon rushing, then transitioned into a forge expand. I quickly followed up with oracle harass, into another attempted cannon rush using a warp prism. When that failed I tried to do a normal warp prism harass, which also failed. I warped in one dt to attack my opponent's third, which had just finished. It did surprising damage before being killed. There was a brief lull at this point until we both went for phoenix harassment at the same time. We both killed a few probes before retreating to defend. Our phoenix met in the middle of the map and because I had about 3x as many mine massacred his. I then used my phoenix to kill about 20 workers from a couple bases. By this point i had killed about 80 workers.

By now my opponent had gotten fed up so he moved out to attack. I had a mostly chargelot-phoenix army and he had a couple archons and a ton of storm, so i was forced to delay engaging. During this delay I lost my fourth and the half-built fifth. When he came in to attack my natural I surrounded his army and with the aid of some just finished void rays and some dts (he had detection, but his army was focused on my other units and those things do a TON of damage) I managed to barely hold. Here I switched over to carrier production and went to retake my fourth and my fifth. Here we both macroed for a bit until I attacked with 6 carriers and 4 archons at the same time an army of chargelots ran into my third. My army destroyed his stalker force, but was forced to retreat to save my fourth (my third was gone). I moved out again, and another army of zealots ran into my base. This time i just warped in dts and they managed to kill the zealots but i suffered losses. This happened a few times. My army managed to take out my opponent's fourth and fifth, both of which were fully operational. He had switched to tempest production and our armies both died in an engagement.

During that attack one of the zealot waves took out my third and my fourth and tried to get into my main. I blocked them out mostly with force field and had a carrier killing them. I warped in a few dts at my fifth for defense there. It was around here that I had to leave.

I think I had a fair chance of winning if I hadn't had to leave. His third was very close to mining out, and I still had a fully operational fifth. i had 7 dts and 2k minerals for chargelots. An archon/chargelot/void ray or carrier force would've been pretty effective. However, if i missed a force field i would've lost my main to chargelots. And if my opponent got up another functioning base i would've been in trouble. at the same time i was re-expanding to my fourth.

TL;DR: If anybody knows where the 'upload replay' button is on is, that would be great. Otherwise just understand it was a very close, very long, very action-packed, very harass-heavy game. I also had a personal record APM of 200.

Alright, I hope I uploaded this properly thanks to Seren for telling me how