Cannon rush guide - video tutorial series

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Hello, I am printf. You may or may not know me, but I am a high level cannon rusher. I noticed a while ago that the cannon rushing community is seemingly nonexistent, and there are no videos or texts online that actually outline how to cannon rush.

As such, people in general don't realize that there is skill to cannon rushing, it is hard to get into cannon rushing (pretty much every cannon rusher copies weedamins or gaulzi and/or figures it out as he goes), and improvements in the cannon rushing meta are slow.

So I have taken it upon myself to create a video series educating people in the art of cannon rushing. So far I have made 2 mechanics videos covering how to wall and how to control probes. I have also made PvP and PvZ videos for Merry Go Round and King Sejong Station. Because I'm selfish, I currently only plan on making map-specific videos for old maps, as I don't want potential opponents knowing about my plans for the current maps. Still, knowing how to cannon rush old maps can be very helpful for figuring out how to cannon rush new maps.

Anyway, here is the playlist for these videos. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated, regarding the content, the video production, my annoying voice, my bad pronunciation of things, and whatever else feels important to you.