crazy pvz build that might work

i haven't gotten around to the refinement stage yet, but here's the standing title for the build:

1 base zealot-sentry 5gate +1 all in

it's a mouthful and sounds insane, but my vs ai and custom game vs a friend tests showed promise. i lost to the friend but we agree that with refinement and better execution it might work.

here's a basic build order; it hasn't been refined so the timings and everything aren't final, but this is what i've been doing.

standard 13-gate 14-gas 16-pylon cyber core stuff, wall off at the top of the ramp to defend early pools and mass speedling

chrono warp gate as soon as core finishes

get forge as soon as you can after the cyber core and necessary pylons and everything (when it finishes start chronoing +1 attack)

get a second gas somewhere around here, as well as a mothership core and a zealot

keep building pylons to avoid getting supply blocked (obviously)

get a sentry somewhere around here

get 4 more gates and a proxy

warp in sentries for the first cycle to bank energy, then zealots. i've been pushing after the second cycle, but i'm thinking getting a third cycle of either all zealot or half-half might be better.

after here it's all about micro and warping in troops.

if necessary i was thinking of using void rays as a transition, because this build basically forces roaches (+1 zealots melt lings, and with ff they're even better. suprisingly with guardian shield and ff to prevent kiting they aren't awful vs roaches)

any feedback is appreciated. feel free to tell me it won't work, but please explain why and not just flame me and call me noob. i'm in platinum, which while it isn't exceptional it also is slightly above average (according to the official percentages).

i'm not saying it's an amazing strategy, but i do think it's worth investigating a bit, and i might use it at least vs random zergs because doing ffe vs random is unsafe