Finally got GM with cannon rushing

It's been 519 days since I first streamed, as a lowly platinum trying to cannon rush his way through the world. With high aspirations, but low expectations, I slowly worked my way through the ranks.

After 3 streams, I got promoted to diamond, in December, 2013

On February 5th, 2014, I decided to begin recording all my games in an excel file.

By May of 2014 I had finally made it into masters. I was quite satisfied at this, having no hopes of reaching GM.

The next season I had my first win against a GM (Gemini), and then proceeded to dominate the ladder. I managed to make it to rank 268 on the NA server (rank 70 masters NA), but failed to attain GM.

The next season was the dream pool. I hadn't been around when those maps were originally in the pool, so I struggled. This difficulty was compounded many-fold by the incurrence of internet difficulties.

Having significantly lowered my mmr during the dream pool, I was placed into diamond for the current season. By this point my internet issues had grown to the point where I was getting 30+ network spikes per minute. Me blaming all my losses on network spikes gave birth to the "spike" meme in my chat, for example "supply spike", "micro spike", and "viewer spike".

On February 21, 2015, I resolved my internet issues and had over 60% win rate for the next few weeks. After sitting at rank 1 diamond NA for 2 weeks, and having a 50% win rate (and 40% play rate) against GM's, I got promoted into masters.

March 28 I fought hard to get into GM, knowing that the season would be locked before I would get another chance to play. I had a 61% win rate, and went 5-7 against GM's, but failed to promote.

April 4 I discovered that the ladder lock was delayed a week, and I had another shot at GM. With a 54% win rate, and going 7-4 against GM's, I finally got promoted by beating a diamond player (#battle.netLogic). My GM promo game is the 1594th game recorded in my excel file. Here is the promotion vod (twitch muted the VoD right after it, so it cuts a bit short)

So I have finally cannon rushed my way, on one base and without a barcode, to GM on NA. And even if I get placed into platinum next season because #battle.netLogic, I can be proud of this achievement.