from a personal perspective

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As an all-in one-base cannon rusher, I am exceedingly pleased by this change because it removes the only real threat to me.

I shred any fool who attempts to proxy hatch me because, honestly, it's just a really bad response to a cannon rush. (In case you're wondering why, 1-2 cannons at my ramp shut down anything you can do with the hatchery. The hatch by itself is already more expensive, and any additional money invested is just wasted)

I beat anybody who goes for 2 hatch lings, assuming I'm not blind and actually notice that the second hatch exists (cannons are good units). Banelings make this a bit more complicated, but again can be dealt with via proper building placement and control.

I can generally deal with roaches, unless I misread it to be something else. Cannons>roaches and stalkers can kite roaches all day, allowing me to pick away at the zerg until he either engages into cannons and dies, or just dies.

Ninjas are no threat as long as I find them, because a couple units can shut it down causing the investment to have been completely wasted.

Nydus causes a base race that I win 95% of the time

Mutas are obviously bad on 1 base

Hydras are surprisingly good if you can get to them because they can't be kited by stalkers, but if I tech to blink they once again can be picked apart.

Infestors... yeah, no.

Ultras. You die first.

Brood lords, same thing.

Mass queen - surprisingly effective again, they're good against stalkers and transfuse is incredibly effective. The only problem is the limited production capacity that results from being on one-base. This makes queen/roach the best combination. This, however, is inherently aggressive and is incapable of breaking the cannon line. I don't see mass queen very often though, so I guess I can't confidently say that I beat it if it's done properly.

Now, old swarm hosts behind a forest of spines was impossible to push into, and would eventually break me down and win the game. The new swarm host I can kill, I can push into between locust waves, and are too expensive to get in large enough numbers to stagger spawns. Therefore they are no longer a threat.