Great work!

This is a very nice, detailed guide - I commend you for it. I know ketroc does something similar with his pf expand and proxy hi-sec build tvp before going into mass ravens. He does, however, not always manage to finish the e-bay so I think you might be somewhat overselling the ease of finishing that. However, if it finishes you can even repair it a bit with the scv, delaying the protoss expansion even longer (I think you didn't mention this, I'm not sure if maybe that's because it's better to send the scv home to mine).

Since no strategy is infallible, I would like to hear your opinion on what the best protoss response is to this, and why. Identifying threats is often a great way to focus improvement of a strategy for future iterations.

I would also like to see some replays/videos of this in action, since it sounds pretty cool. The thor really is an underrated unit imo, I've had some 2v2's where I've offraced as terran and won because a single repaired thor held off a double 4 gate.