I only just finished my sophomore year in high school, so my strengths are about the same as if I were an adult with normal skills, but here are my stuffs.

1. logical, unique way of thinking. I can easily look at an equation or algorithm and understand how and why it works, and can then recreate it without memorizing it specifically.

2. I excel at math, and am in a class 2 years ahead of the curriculum, although I'm probably still less knowledgeable than most people who have completed high school

3. communication. I can't write fluently worth a damn (not talking about grammar or vocabulary, I'm good with those). My writing is very choppy and I tend to be bad at expressing my thoughts in writing. I'm not even doing a good job of expressing my inability to express stuff.

4. programming. I've been trying to learn how to program for several years but keep getting stuck at the sheer boringness of learning the UI for an editor, and the fact that it takes a while to get the necessary software working. I would love for somebody experienced in programming, specifically C or Java (not javascript) to recommend an editor/compiler and give a comprehensive briefing of how to use it.