I'm also quite biased, but

As a protoss player I'm obviously going to tell you to play protoss. Although I should probably tell you to play terran because that's my best matchup... nevermind.

I used to play zerg but the macro was just too difficult so I switched to protoss. I like protoss for the following reasons

  1. It's easy to get whichever tech you want because they all branch from the cyber core
  2. It's fun watching a couple units wreck an entire army
  3. They feel the most strategic to me, the other player is generally trying to adapt to the protoss, so the protoss has to predict and force the opponent
  4. Although a pain while microing, warp gates are easy to macro with otherwise
  5. I enjoy tactical micro, and that's what protoss has. Terran has a lot of apm micro, whereas protoss is very positional and based around abilities like force field and time warp which don't do actual damage but are still hugely important
  6. you can play either very aggressively or defensively and be successful
  7. observers