Seriously just do it

I don't know of any time when day[9] made what you seem to be looking for, but novawar has done something similar to what you seem to want.

But regardless, I agree with day[9] on the point that you need to "just do it". Actually streaming will give you far more useful information and experience than watching a youtube video. For the technical aspects, I agree it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel, but beyond what settings to use, I think the best teacher is experience.

I think day[9] mentioned that one of the biggest issues at first for him was that you're just sitting in an empty room talking to yourself (this is especially awkward when you only have 0-2 viewers, or when the chat has been silent for half an hour). The only way to get past that awkwardness is to just do it until it's no longer awkward.

So download obs, watch the novawar video on the best settings to use for it, nag a couple friends to tune in, and then just start streaming.

PS: a dedicated microphone is really nice, but it's not necessary if you have a headset with a mic. But do not ever use a webcam microphone, those things are horrendous.