Teaching a Friend

So, I'm trying to get my friends to play Starcraft. I'm not particularly great at teaching people, as it turns out. Here's what I've been doing so far, and I would love any advice you can give.

at the moment they are too bad for day[9] dailies to be any help, they still haven't gotten down things like building orbital commands, simple command groups, an opening build order (like depot on 10, barracks when finished) or what any of the units do. One of them has been playing the campaign, which I hope is helping, but the other one only has the starter edition. I've been having them 1v1 the AI while I coach over skype. I remind them to build supply depots, to build SCVs, to call down mules, and whatnot. It's painful but I do my best to ignore the small things like attrocious building placement, the lack of micro, or queuing units; I know it's not helpful to focus on those yet.
I also did a couple 2v2s with them against the AI, but decided to stop that because it was basically me playing both AIs and my friend didn't get to do much. but I'm not sure now if maybe it is helpful because they can watch me to see what they should be doing. While we were doing one he commented that i was doing everything so quickly, but I don't really know if he was helped by it.

I'm trying to get them to master basic macro for now, then I'll get them to learn the units and how they all work and everything, then basic strategy, then basic micro, then more advanced strategy and micro. I want them to learn Starcraft and to not be awful at it, because in my experience it's a lot more fun when you don't suck at it, but I also don't want the learning process to be extremely boring and discourage them from playing. at the moment with me coaching as he plays one of them can almost beat a normal AI, he holds on and does great until he attacks at which point he gets massacred. the other friend I haven't coached in a bit as my third friend, who already plays sc2 at a gold level, was coaching him more recently. So I don't know exactly where he is, but I would guess he's somewhere around the same.

so have any of you taught your friends starcraft and have any tips for me? regrettably one of them only has the starter edition, the other one has full wings of liberty. One of them can't ladder, and i don't feel like laddering would actually be helpful anyway because they would just get destroyed and not really learn why; they would probably do absurd things like depot on 7, barracks on 8, bunker on 9 to try and stay alive.
TL;DR any advice on teaching people sc2 would be greatly appreciated