I'm probably not the most reliable source of information when it comes to macro play, but here's my best attempt.

Aside from the usual "probes, pylons, upgrades" spiel, I think expansion timings are very important, especially in LotV. You have to expand very aggressively or you will mine out. This also means you need to map vision or control to keep the new bases alive, and to track (possibly threaten) enemy expansions. It's quite common nowadays to end up on 6 bases in a macro game (assuming of course neither player dies before then).

Late game composition is another big factor. Late game compositions are different than early game compositions. The obvious example is stalkers, they're great early and useless late. PvZ you need answers prepared for ultralisks or brood lords. If you don't already have the answer in the works when those things pop, you're in trouble. You need to predict (or scout) the transition, and then transition yourself. As I mentioned, I'm not really a great source of information when it comes to macro, so I'm not sure what the correct compositions are for late game, but I do know that compositions can change as the game progresses.

Also, as a more specific piece of advice, I believe it is common (or at least was at some point in hots) to stay around 180 supply and keep a warp prism out on the map for warp ins. Warping in 10 zealots to kill a base doesn't seem efficient (1000 minerals for 400), but in the late game the gas mining and, moreso in LotV, mineral mining are very valuable and denying them is huge. Also, if you can do a warp in at the main base you can kill critical tech structures. If a big battle happens, bring the warp prism and use it to reinforce during the fight.

I hope some of this was useful and accurate