You're definitely not the only one

Trust me, there are many people who would be thrilled to have day[9] return to sc2. And he'll very likely be returning at least to BW shortly. However, I doubt he'll stop making hearthstone content, if only because he's a businessman and knows it would be a poor business move.

He'll also not stop doing the day off or mostly walking, again for business reasons. He'll not stop doing things as dailies both for business reasons and personal reasons (he has mentioned that he likes the structured format).

It's unlikely he'll switch over at the same time to both BW and sc2 from hearthstone, and he's more likely to switch to BW first. He also mentioned something about cooking, idk if that will ever realize or not.

I imagine shortly he'll switch wednesdays from hearthstone to starcraft. Most likely not purely SC2, but possibly not BW (it would be either BW or a mix). I'm assuming wednesdays for a few pretty weak reasons, it could pretty much as easily be tuesdays or thursdays. Then if that is taken well, he would then possibly switch over another day to cooking or sc2 or whatever.


Of course this is all just speculation.