You're like 2 years behind the times

Day[9] stopped making starcraft content almost 2 years ago. He started working with artillery even before that, and eventually found that it was not possible for him to produce high quality starcraft dailies while working a full time job. Hearthstone was much easier for him because he could just netdeck something and play the game, no real preparation required.

Now that he's left artillery he has teased at brood war dailies in the near future. There is no public information available afaik that he's going to make any more sc2 dailies. But BW was almost much more dear to his heart than sc2 and BW has been making a bit of a comeback with there even being rumors of an HD remake. I wouldn't be surprised if he did a couple sc2 shows though, since he has still demonstrated that he follows it at least slightly (referencing specific games from Dreamhack, commenting that he watches MCanning's stream and specifically mentioning his 9DT build, etc.).


Really only time/day[9] himself will tell.