A terran build im semi-confident it is viable enough for standart play

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First of all, i ask you to abandon all common sense. I will present the strategy, then explain throughly the logic behind it. Since it might look shitty, please do not give up on reading until you get to the explanation part.

Cc first
Scout (depends on the map. On 1v1 maps, rallying the worker that is being produced at 13 pop is often early enough)
Engineering bay at his natural (let it finish)
Barracks(might need to cut worker production for a bit at 17 pop)Second gasDelay the planetary as long as you can (engineering bay has vision, thus you will know if he is going to do agression with his early stalker. You will need to delay the factory a bit in this situation if he goes straight to your base with a chronoed stalker.)

Factory when the barracks is doneGet orbital when you can(dont cut workers to get it fast, since you don't really need to rush for orbital)

third gas after orbital
When the factory is done, build an armory
When the armory is half-way done, build another factory, start making a reactor with your barracks, start a tech lab at your factory.
When the armory is done, start thor production.
When the second factory is 80% complete, build a starport. (Or have the starport and factory built at the same time and go for a double hellbat drop. It delays upgrades though.)(edit: no can do. Lacks economy. But one can instead go for tech and get the second factory later and go for double hellbat drop with blue flame.)Start double helion production.Start medvac production when the starport is done.

Research lv1 plating when you deem viable to research.
Research blue flame when you deem viable to research.
Harass as much as you can with helion/hellbat drops and helion run-bys. Don't overextend, try to keep as many helions alive as possible rather than sacrificing them for extra probes (turn then into hellbats to heal them up)
When you see you are starting to have minerals to spare, get a fourth gas and ghosts.
Push when you feel like capable of winning the fight. Get a third base when pushing.Bring some scvs to do the hellbat's medvac heal and repair combo.


*Thor??? Wtf? Why?:

Many people think thors suck. Well, actually, they are *good*(notice the *).
But why they are *good* instead of good?

You see, thors are really op at small battles, since they have a huge ton of health, thus can be mass repaired, while they suck at huge battles. 

If they are *op* at small battles, why nobody uses them?

Well, because they are super tech heavy. If you try to rush for them at 1 base, you will die, because you spent too much on teching and thus lack money for a proper rush. Since they aren't a harass unit, you won't do pretty much any damage; it is much better to just do a normal rush, since bunkers are pretty much thors that can't move(you can savage them too, lol).

At late game, thors really do suck. They are too big; units can't attack effectively because they would be getting stuck in the back trying to shoot. They are slow and takes too long to build; reinforcing the army with them takes too long and you are opened to harassment due to their low mobility. Mass repair would barely do anything, since in big battles, the dps is high. Rather than help, you would just sacrifice your eco for nothing. 

Then, why make them?

This build forces a low eco game and lots of gateway units(your defence is impenetable, thus you can focus almost everything on harassing. Drops force stalkers to be made rather than immortals, since immortals are slow and can't shoot up.They can force nexus cannon too, making your future push stronger.), which thors exceel at killing. Because of that, battles are in a smaller scale than usual, and agaisnt the shitty gate units. Because of that, they end up being really good.

*Toss all-ins?:

Planetary pretty much deny any 4gate or immortal all-in. Against blink all-in, the earliest one can attack, you would already have 1 thor up and your opponent about 5/6 stalkers. This amount of stalkers will never be able to kill a thor that is being repaired. Planetary fixes the mobility issue. Against oracle/dt all-in, it is pretty much obvious that he is doing it, since there would lack units attacking the bay early on, and if he tries to try you in building turrets, he would only delay his expo. If he builds his expo on the third, harassing suddenly becomes freaking easy. As you can see, the engineering bay either delays his all in or delays his getting a nexus transition.

There is also a variation that is even more effective agaisnt all ins. It will be explained later.

*Thor vs tank:

Why not tanks?
Tanks suck against toss in small battles, since they don't really do much damage to zealots, resulting in hurting your own units more than your enemy's.
Immortals hard counter them even more than they do to thors too. 
Getting tanks also make defending a blink all in very difficult, since they lack health, thus can easily be focus fired. You still would rather have tanks later in the game though.
*Why engineering bay before barracks?You don't really need to rush for thors, since you would still have them early enough. You would kinda lack the eco too. Also, delaying the ebay would make the chance of it being denied much higher.

*What do i do if he manages to deny my ebay with a zealot/probes?One can't have a zealot early enough to delay the ebay, unless he chrono boosts it. Chronoing your first zealot is really really bad too... You can just run away and get a ebay at your main later on. If he goes for agression with this zealot, he will be only delaying his expo even more anyway. If he was willing to be agressive, his agression will be delayed, unless it is some 1 base random immortal all-in, which will be murdered by the planetary.If he uses a probe, you would be able to get the ebay to enough health anyway and deny mining time. If he uses multiple probes, you can just dance around and deny a lot of mining time.

*why armor instead of attack:Thors have a really high dps per shot; overkilling units happen all the time. If you compare that to repair heal hellbats with 1+armor, the answer is obvious. Weapon upgrade make blue flame helions need only 2 of them to 1 shot probes though.

*hellion drop or hellbat drop, that's the question:

You would rather hellion drop when there is a spot the opponent has no vision so that you can to secretly drop all of them before going for the kill. Hellbat drop is more effective when the mineral line is right next to the edge of the main. Hellbats are better for suicidal drops. Hellbats need blue flame to 2 of them 1 shot probes.

*4 player maps?

Yeah, this strategy is better on a 2 player map, since you might not be able to ebay block him up. At least it is slightly safer to cc first and do a normal game in case you don't find him.

*Can't the enemy just make immortals and leave them at the mineral line?

Hellbat drops for the win, just gotta micro a bit more...

*If the opponent gets blink to shut down the drops?

Then, the opponent won't have as many immortals. You kind of still can do stuff, but be extra careful.*Against cheese?Just get a planetary on your main and lift the natural. If he attacks the natural before it finishes up, defend with scvs. Don't let he get the expo, otherwise he will be ahead. Then, just get bio and kill him... Don't forget to get marauder slow; it's really usefull. 

*Mass voidray?

Since you will be harassing constantly, you will know what's up, thus there won't be any suprises. Just get stim and mass marines(maybe shields too) while buying time with the harass. Since you will be harassing, he probably won't be able to make something crazy like void colossi :0. If he just get a few, vikings should do the job, since you would have the ghosts to emp them up.

*Some cray void ray rush?

Watch out for that. If he manages to fool you into thinking it is an oracle or something else, you might die a painful death. But if you know whats going on, you can just get more turrets and make mines. With the safer variation, even if it caughts you off guard, you can defend agaisnt it effectively.

*What exactly one will be doing after you push?
Just get a extra armory for extra upgrades. Get more factories. You will be fine if the push fails, since you will have a 3rd. Start making tanks instead of thors. Keep harassing and be cautious to harass, since mech is immobile. Pretty much the standart mech, except that you will have some ghosts. Nukes might be worth it for getting your tanks protection to siege up in a more agressive position. Vikings for carriers, voidrays and tempests. Don't forget the ravens; they are op :d.

*mass raven? :D

It might be possible to transition into it, needs futher testing though...

Safer 2 mines variation:
While building the armory, you get 2 widow mines and a tech lab with the barracks.
Make a supply depot, then a starport.
When the armory is done, the second mine will be about to be completed. Land the factory on the tech lab.
Get a medvac.
If there is no agression, drop the mines in his main and natural, if he has one.

If voidray/oracle come, defend with the widow mine.
Get a viking instead of a medvac if needed.

Get a second factory for double helion production when you can.

This variation delays tech a bit.
Agressive early 4 helions variation:

(edit: slight adjustment. Get the cc at 16 instead of 15 pop. In cc first, you will kind of cut the 16th scv for a bit so that you get the cc faster, since otherwise you will get supply blocked, but since you will cut scv production more than usual in this strat, getting the cc a little bit later and your 16th scv a bit sooner. Btw, sometimes, you can go 15 pop cc without cutting scvs due to good scv micro early on. While it might not seem relevant, it has a considerable impact if you mess worker micro early on.)
Extend the worker production cut a bit so you can get a second gas faster.
Get a reactor after starting the factory.
Dont get a third gas.
When factory is done, get an armory. Get tech lab at the barracks when possible.
Get 4 helions
Drop supply instead of a mule.
Start thor production when the armory is done.

If you end up facing oracle/voidray, you will already have double mine production.
Even if you lose a lot of workers, the opponent won't have much defences. (Too much gas spent, not enough sentries to hold for long enough, you would be able to transform the hellions into hellbats).

Get double vespene when you can.

Get a second factory and a starport when you can.

This variation delays your tech by a lot and damages your economy a bit.(Not enough to be considered an all in though)

*Your supply increases very fast with this build. Don't hesitate to call down suppy you mess up.

*Be aware sometimes just a-moving with the tanks is better than sieging up. The situations are: too many zealots or lack of dps units for the toss, making it more worth it going after the army before stuff like colossi and immortals shows up. Unsieged tanks are pretty much marauders that cost gas and are able to kill zealots. Don't go unsieging if you are already sieged up by the way.

*mine drops can be good, since it forces cannons/observer. If he gets cannons, you can use them in a defensive position for the drops so that you get to force an observer out as well. It's ok not to get them though.

*This strategy heavily depends on worker control early game. Make sure you set them to get the minerals that are closer. If you don't do it properly, you will suffer a considerable delay in the build.