getting better

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I saw the replay and noticed many things that you could do to improve your build. Lets get started. First of all, since it is a 2 base timing attack, going forge fe would be better since you are not going to attack until you have 2 bases anyway(strong economy = stronger army later).Also, when your opponent quitted, he had like 4k of minerals. If he had these 4k on roaches, the counter attack would have completly destroyed you.  You could instead get less voids (they are kinda strong in the early game because zerg has almost no anti air, so more voids would only make them kill stuff faster but not make the army ''stronger'' because zerg wont be able to deal with it for some time anyway) and more ground army in order to defend any counter attack. Get immortals, they are pretty good agaisnt zerg in the early and middish game.if i were you i would immediatly go for the main because lair and tech buildings> hatchery and zerg wont be able to do much.Kill as many overlords as you can, losing the voids is not a big deal because voids are rly weak in big battles.Get colossus or a 3rd asap when you have a big enough army to defend any counter. GL on your training. Sorry for my bad english :P

PS: If they scout your double stargate send your voids to the middle of the map and get a 3rd as soon as possible, if he pushes with his roaches your voids will be weakening his army, making it defendable. Stop making voids when you have about 4 or 6. 2 stalkers + 50 gas > a voidray