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When i tested the timmings, the earliest i could get a zealot on a standart build was 3:37 and by then the ebay would already be finished (3:30). So yeah, one can only deny it by either delaying the cybernetics or spending a chrono on your zealot or using probes( Itskind of difficult to kill the scv before it finishes building the ebay with only one probe, unless you start attacking from the very beginning of it's construction). Ketroc goes double gas before ebay, if i'm not mistaken, thus not being able to get the ebay fast enough. 

  Going back to the base is better for this build, because you need each scrap of mineral you can get. I'm not exagerating, because actually one can notice the difference between microing the scvs early game and not doing so in this build. 

 I'm not sure on how to react to this build as protoss. I have a feeling that if you nexus first, you can actually cancel the command center and go 4 proxy barracks, since toss cyber will be late, and thus, no nexus cannon for him (lack of energy), but i'm not sure. If nexus first is viable, toss would need to 9 pylon scout so that they don't die to standart rushes... (Terran rushing toss lol :0) Either way, you would rather play greedy in this situation.(probably?) I wonder what would happen if toss gets a third and terran gets a super early stim and mass marauders instead of teching like crazy... I'm not sure.... It needs a lot of testing.   Wierd responses to a wierd build :0. Maybe just being good at defending your bases is enough. It would be nice if day9 could analyse this for me.About replays, my replay thingy is bugged. It's saving the replays in somewhere i dunno. No matter where i look for my replays, i can't find them. If someone could tell me whats going on with the replays, it would be greatly aprecciated.

 I will get one of my friends to send me the replay files after having some matches with him, but i don't think he will be online today