help for you random folks out there

So the purpose of this thread isn't just help for me, but help for all those risk takers out there willing to be a random player, and take on the huge task of trying to learn all 3 races. So a little about myself, I am a gold level player, who has a hard time making up his mind. I feel I've been stuck in gold because I get bored with one race too early to make enough improvement and start all over with a different race. I've had a chance to try and seriously learn playing each race because of this and finally decided that with the release of HotS to permanently switch to random. 

What I'd like to do here, is if you have any tips for players who want to become a random player, post it here.

If you have any troubles with being a random player, post it here and hopefully you can get some help.

If you just have a really cool story or replay to share about being a random player, post it here for all the random players to check out.

I'll be sure to edit this post and keep it updated with different tips and ideas for random players to search through to improve their own play.

Have fun, be respectful, and lets share some thoughts guys and gals :]