Dynamic Music Composition Thesis Help

Hi all:

I'm Huw, a musician and gamer from the UK. I'm studying for a doctorate in music composition in the UK and have just finished a paper for the second milestone of my degree. 

The paper discusses some techniques the composer and programmer must use in order to write music for the dynamic medium of video games. The first section talks about a branching music system with pre-composed music and the second section talks about a generative music system. The whole thing is from the perspective of a first study musician and so it discusses musical techniques rather than coding techniques.

I'm very interested in any feedback you might have so if you have the time check it out and let me know what you think. 

Of course, there's the obligatory quote from Day[9] the champion of gaming virtuosity!

It's a reasonably short read of 14k words so might take a little over an hour.

Hope you find it interesting nonetheless: