eSports Paper

Greetings Everyone!

I am Cameron Dunbar, a previous intern with Day9 and eSports fan! I amcurrently writing an academic paper that has already been accepted to be published in GLHF, and I am planning on pushing for publishing in an actual Academic Journal.

The Sociological paper focuses on the difference in eSports culture between Eastern and Western Scenes. IE, why are eSports historically bigger in Eastern Culture, Why are they gaining popularity in Western Culture, where are they going etc. 

If anyone has information (or sources) they think i might find useful, please speak up! Remember this is a serious paper so i would appreciate sources (just the link is fine) or if you have an opinion I'd love to hear it! I'd just ask your credentials be included, even if you are just a player something like "Starcraft 2 player for 3 years" or something similar, just to give your words credence in a serious article.