Hate Zoo and Hunter - then secret Paladin is for you!

I was trying to make secret palladin viable and I came up with a tempo/Agro deck, similar to Shockadin. This deck has been working really well in the Hunter/Zoo meta we currently have.

The deck differs from Shockadin in the following:

  • Emphasis on tempo and board presence versus charge and burst damage,
  • Use of secrets to have significant early board presence and tempo advantage,
  • Use of Divine Favour to counter the Hunter meta and battle control decks.


How you play:

Hunter: Mulligan for Divine favour, Truesilver Champion and your 1 drops - argent squire or Secret keeper and both secrets. Your goal is to fill up the board with small minions early and put pressure. You aren't worried about Buzzard + Unleash because of divine favour, as every card they draw is yours as well. Don't play secrets unless you can buff a secret keeper as hunter can flare them. Remember that when a Hunter plays a secret it also buffs your secret keeper.

Your goal is to set the tempo and go face with your minions and build up a relatively durable board of 2 health or divine shielded minions and hope the hunter buzzard-unleashes. As most hunters don't run timberwolves, the hunter will draw a lot of cards, but still have a hard time clearing your board due to your minions requiring 2 hounds each. After they do, drop as many cards as possible and use divine favour, it is pretty hard to lose at this point as you should be up on life with significant board advantage.

If the Hunter is trap hunter and plays explosive trap, simply don't attack and trade on board with the hunter until you can get an argent protector or blessing of kings to help your minions survive the trap. Use your knife jugglers to continue to put damage on him and put him on the clock.

For Warlock-zoo, secrets, secret keeper, argent squires and consecrate are your key to victory. Divine favour can be a dead card but Truesilver is great. Ideal play is turn 1 secret keeper, Turn 2 both secrets - turn 3 argent squire + echoing ooze or dancing blades. Turn 4 consecration or truesilver. Your hero power actually works well against zoo as it is almost as good as an extra card and causes you no damage. It is not a guaranteed match up, but it is better than 50-50. Save the Aldor Peacekeeper for the DoomGuards. Trade efficiently when you can, but otherwise go face and force them to trade, it will reduce their ability to hero power.

For all other control match-ups, keep divine favour and some early drops. The key to victory against druid and Warrior is they actually have a tough time board clearing lots of 2+ health minions so you continue to flood the board and use divine favour to fill up your hand when you are full. Sword of justice is great for this. It is still a pretty tough matchup, luckily, there are very few of these left. Don't play noble sacrific early versus druid! It is a waste with their hero power, try to combine it with avenge.

Priest can be tough. Expect a long game. Try to keep the board clear, hero power as much as possible and save blessing of kings for your echoing ooze and you can run the priest out of shadow word deaths. Truesilver needs to do work in this match-up. It is still probably a 30-70 match up against you.

Tauntadin is also tough, there healing and taunts will be very tough, you need to go face fast and finish them early. Probably at best a 30-70 as well.

Please try it and have fun!