im not really talking about all ins, that's a different story.

it's about the early game, with map control (with speed and efficiency). reapers do feel great due to their mobility, but the protoss, yeah they have to use probes, but extremely pathetic in all aspects in engagements. lings and reapers can have early game battles, but that leaves protoss out of those type of situations out. it would be nice to have a super, or relatively cheap and quick protoss unit. it can be like 10hp/20shield, it just needs to have speed. zealots and chargelots (take cybercore, council and upgrade), that will take way too long. the protoss gateway has yet to change. it's building production hasn't changed since Brood war came out. it makes zealots, stalkers (dragoons), high templars, and dark templars... no change. dts should be splash damage, if they wield a scythe. they cost alot, they are like 3 zealots with cloak... in which is useless against zerg, if players morphed all their overlords into overseers... and patrol command them.