The protoss problem

Protoss has been nerfed way too much. I was originally protoss in WoL, but switched to terran since in WoL. Protoss is just impossible to play, in every aspect. Even when using virtual/visual simulations, protoss loses in every battle. Protoss lacks cheap/fast mobile unit, in early game. please dont say but stalkers and dark templars are fast... dark templars, you can get maybe 15minute mark! too late by then. Stalkers? costs too much to afford in early game to throw away. in recent game in redbull battlegrounds 2014 DC, it was clearly obvious that Terran and Zerg players use "scout" units efficiently, while protoss can only hope to turtle and hope that the opponent makes a mistake.

i hear too often that zealots are "quick enough," but charge has to be activated first... but the problem is when it is inactive, zealots are totally useless in speed. speed lots from broodwar seems more viable than charge lots. 

also, protoss is not imba nor OP. JUst because everyone says it, doesn't mean it's true... if you tried to play protoss right now, and try to win consecutively, you'll find in many cases where protoss just lacks speed, which most builds today, are based on speed.