A Story About My Uncle

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Hey guys!

I'm one of the developers of a game called A Story About My Uncle, a student-made first person platformer created in eleven weeks by eleven students at the game development program at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden.

We were assigned with the task to create a non-violence first person game using Unreal Development Kit. We chose to do this by creating a platformer, where the main mechanic is a grapple gun which allows you to swing long distances, as well as a suit which allows you to either leap forward or jump into the air. The quest of the game is to find your lost uncle Fred by following in his tracks in a far away world.

The game has had some success, and has been featured on some major game sites such as IGN and Rock Paper Shotgun. It was also nominated for game of the year in Swedish Game Awards 2012.

Here is the trailer for the game: 

If you want to see more you can see the IGN's video review,

or you could just download the game and try for yourselves, it's free on our website:

A Story About My Uncle

We would love to hear what you think! :D