[H] Help for getting out of Bronze

Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to the Starcraft community after purchasing the game around 2 months ago, i'm loving the game so much at the moment but i keep having major problems when it comes to laddering. I've been waiting to break out of the bronze league for a few weeks now but its just not happening! now my current mentality is that if i lose any game then its my fault, i did something wrong somewhere. looking over my replays i can see mistakes very easily, but its trying to fix those mistakes that become a problem.

I feel like, with everything in the game happening, my brains overloading and i hit a panic mode when things happen in a way i didn't plan. Or ill focus so much on one part of the game macro/micro that the other half slips and just destroys me. its painful for me to watch my own replays because of how they look. Ive attached 2 replays, one of a (skin of the teeth)win and one of a loss just so you guys can see how my game goes on both ways.


this was a pvp where i won by the skin of my teeth. I chose this cause i remember going into a major panic near the end as i start spamming units in hopes to win. Also you can see right at the beginning where i focused on scouting and i forget my macro so i have a later gateway/gas/core etc.


pvz where i was just under constant pressure to roaches, a few times i thought i couldve maybe won. I know the warp prism work was WAY too costly on this matchup and once again, huge mistakes from focusing on micro/macro instead of macro/micro.

any help is greatly appreciated guys.

Thanks in advance,