[H] Roadblocked as Protoss

Hey guys. I'm a high ranked platinum level Protoss on the EU server.

I've been playing for around a year now and I'm happy with the progress I've made coming from the bronze league but I feel I've hit a huge roadblock in my road to hitting diamond.

I feel that this is mostly due to my approach to teching and macro when I'm in a match. I know that supply blocking is definitely an issue for me but I also feel like there are other aspects to each matchup which cause my losses. I want to learn my problems to overcome them but spotting them is something I find difficult. I'm wondering if there are any higher level players who can join me online to offer some help and guidance to enable my improvement.

feel free to add me on sc2 or skype
sc2: Redball#2912

skype: richie.lee6

thanks for reading :)