Math Warrior: The deck i've most enjoyed

Made popular by Razor according to hearthpwn.  This deck offers different avenues of strategy.  It is very versatile and one of the most enjoyable, rewarding decks i've ever used.  The two major avenues are control and combo.  Big warsong commander / amani berserker / frothing berserker combos can kill with zero board presence, yet on the contrary these "win condition cards" can serve very well as 2 or 3 drops to create tempo.

current build:

inner rage2x


fiery war axe2x

battle rage2x

amani berserker2x

unstable ghoul2x

acolyte of pain2x

frothing berserker2x

warsong commander2x

death's bite2x

gnomish inventor2x

kor'kron elite2x


sludge belcher2x

the black knight



I've lost quite a few times to fatigue. I dont think that's the decks fault as much as poor decisions.  This deck has a lot of card draw as it should since you want your combo cards ASAP for the more exciting play style...  I've considered taking out 1 battle rage for a brawl.

I may also play around with taking out 2xbattle rage and 2xgnomish inventor for 2xsheild slam and 2xshield block.  This would certainly favor the control side of things which may or may not be stronger.  card draw from the shield block and acolyte can still sufficiently fish for you.

sweeps to make frothing berserker huge in one turn:  Unstable ghoul and death's bite.  unless absolutely necessary I try to keep at least one of these cards in my hand for the combo.  There may come a time where you'll lose too much and have to use them to stay alive/ahead/on equal footing.  Ther are lots of interesting judgment calls to be made.  These cards are terrific in this flexible deck because they serve two functions where cards such as whirlwind serve a single function.

Another card with questionable value is the kor'kron elite.  I've found myself using him more as removal than anything, this is certainly a primary function of charge minions.  I'm just unsure if this is the best form of removal for this deck or if the deck even needs more removal (4 weapons,black knight and 2 excecutes already there).  Do we want to replace it with spellbreaker to counter the powerful deathrattle cards in today's meta. Or maybe a yeti/harvest golem/shade/solid drop card.  It's tough to just drop the elite and with nothing on the board because of its low life.  Perhaps a more stable 3/4 drop would best fill these two slots.

There are so many variations that can be made to make this deck as lean and as versatile as possible.  lot's of cards serving two functions gives you a higher chance of to be able to answer your opponents offense and create effective offense yourself.  The obvious play is often times the wrong play.  knowing which cards are expendable and which cards you'll need later on is very important and is something that depends entirely on your opposing class, your hand, the amount of cards left.  I love these less linear decks; they're what I enjoy most about hearthstone. 

I would love to see this deck featured!  Thanks for reading