Fedora Hat Hell Huntah

  (Edited: )

This is a deck I came up with; it is about milling (always fun) your opponent with explorer hats you give him with your dying weasels. It sounds weird (and might even be changed in the short term by hearthstone), but the effect is hilarious! And not really meta. But who cares! Level 20 FTW!

check it out here: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/702818-fedora-hat-hell-hunter-mill


Update: the effect works, but not as you might expect. The added hats disappear at first (when your weasel dies), but when the opponent plays it again and dies again, suddenly his hand gets filled with the hats. The deck above absolutely blows, but you might still be able to create something interesting with this:

  • Maybe just get one weasel tunneler. Discard it at first, you need it later.
  • Get yourself (and your opponent) mutliple Explorer's hats (with stuff like Lorewalker Cho, Djini, Faceless manipulator, princess huhuran). Mulligan for hats and something to multiply them.
  • If you have a bunch of hats in your hand, use your first Desert Camel to get your weasel in play, and give him your hats
  • Then kill it, the weasel goes into the opponent's deck. The hats disappear (for now).
  • Use another Desert Camel to pull his weasel out of his deck. Kill that and his hand will be filled up with the hats.
  • The good thing about that is that you have a better chance to fill up his hand and have an empty board; he'll have to play a minion to get rid of his hats, but will quickly run out of mana. Milling time with some branncoldlights!
  • You might consider 2 weasels; you don't need them per se, but it might fuck up the opponent's 'if you have only one copy of xx' cards like reno.
  • Of course, you'll need to survive in the meantime. Hunter doesn't have great heals nor taunts, so my idea is to focus on sticky minions. The deathrattle guys (+weasel) might work with N'zoth, but it was too slow for me when I tried. The only redeeming thing about the above steps is that you don't need to do it all at once. e.g. You can wait with the second camel, so you might be able to play a normal deck, while timing your secret-mill plan.