Critique My Shaman Deck?

So I built this Shaman deck, it's main purpose is to counter control decks and spell heavy classes. It seems to work okay. I don't think I've lost to a priest yet, the other classes seems a little hit and miss. 

The goal of the deck is to use hard to nuke creatures like Faerie Dragon and Scarlett Crusader to do damage early on, while dropping a stealthed minion on the board. At about turn 6-8 use Rockbiter/Flametongue/Bloodlust to buff it, then give it windfury and strike for about 20 dmg. I was lucky enough to get a black knight to handle taunters, and threw in some silences too for the same reason.

Currently I have trouble with large amounts of early minions (murlock decks) and generally the random luck of the draw. 

This deck is a little limited by the cards I have unlocked, but I have 360 arcane dust and was planning to craft another faerie dragon and more stealthers. Maybe a lightning storm. 

Input would be appreciated!

2x Frost Shock

2x Rockbiter Weapon

1x Ancestral Spirit

2x Windfury

1x Doomsayer

1x Faerie Dragon

2x Flametongue Totem

2x Ironbeak Owl

1x Hex

1x Demolisher

2x Jungle Panther

2x Scarlett Crusafer

1x Spellbreaker

1x Windspeaker

1x Bloodlust

2x Booty Bay Bodyguard

1x Stranglethorn Tiger

1x Lord of the Arena

1x Sunwalker

1x The Black Knight

1x Raveholdt Assassin

1x Stormwind Champion