Pleas help me find this button.

Okay, I just lost a 60 minute positional TvT because my units WOULDN'T FUCKING STAND STILL.

Where is the hold position button? Where is it? Where? Where is it? Where is it? WHERE IS IT?

So it's supposed to be "H", right? Well it's not, not for me. And I don't want it to be anyway. I want it to be spacebar. I can't find it in the options. You'd think it would be in Unit Management, right? Apparently not. 

You know there used to be that panel in the bottom right hand of the screen which had useful stuff like, oh I don't know... UNIT COMMANDS on it? Where has that gone? Where is it? Why would you remove something so useful to replace it with... With what? With nothing? Seriously? Nothing? Can I re-enable that part please? No? I don't know, I can't find an option for it. 

Please help me, my marines consider it their personal duty to march into any tank line within two screens and I need to make them stop.