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Hi there. 
I like to make interesting decks (Or what I perceive to be interesting)
I'd like to share one of my favourites. It is a Rogue deck.

This is not a GOOD deck. But when it works, your opponent will FEEL IT IN THEIR SOUL.

The deck:
x2 Backstab
x2 Shadowstep
x2 Cold Blood
x2 Conceal
x1 Sinister Strike
x1 Betrayal
x1 Eviscerate
x2 Sap
x2 Shiv
x1 Ironbeak Owl
x1 Mana Addict
x2 Novice Engineer
x2 Fan of Knives
x2 Questing Aventurer
x2 Master of Disguise
x1 Twilight Drake
x1 Violet Teacher
x2 Assasinate
x1 Vanish

Here's how it works. 

You go second of course, 
Turn 3 - Questing Adventurer, Coin, Conceal (adventurer 4/4)
Turn 4 - Master of Disguise, stealth the aventurer, shadowstep the master back to your hand (adventurer 6/6)
Turn 5 - MoD for 2 mana, backstabs/sinister strike/sap (adventurer now like 10/10)

You see where this is going. Continue to stealth the adventurer at the end of every turn. As soon as your opponent casts a card, sap it back to their hand, if they have a taunt, use owl to silence and then shadowstep it back to your hand, hey, a free owl next turn! If you cast sinister strike, then x2 Cold blood, your adventurer has just gained... 11 attack. Don't forget to stealth him! Use shiv, eviscerate and backstab to keep the board clear for basically no mana. Want some fun? Play violet teacher followed by all your shivs and backstabs, woo! The board is now full! Haven't drawn the aventurer/stealth combo and your hand is full of shivs? Drop a twilight drake with 12 health! Need more cards? Drop an engineer, then shadowstep and drop it again for free! 

Your opponent drops a fire imp? Sap it back to their hand, 3 free damage! Taunters causing you trouble, sap that pain away!
Oh noes! The board is full of his dudes! If only there were a way to make them all Vanish...
Have fun!