A DayKnights Ladder Clan

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Correct me if one of these exists, but I'm looking to make a serious DayKnight clan. A group which would be very active, hold practices, and most importantly: make us better gamers. I think a reasonable requirement for the clan would include 10 ladder games a week and it's not quite taking shape yet but I'm just looking to see who/how many people may have interest in joining. 

UPDATE*** as of 2/19:   We are currently at 19 members and the clan is looking better than I ever would have thought. However, we all have goals and I'm hoping to get up to 25 members. Some recent ideas for the clan include funday sunday, where we do the funday monday theme on sunday since so many of us have weekday obligations. I'm trying to get practices started on either fridays or saturdays and 'm totally open to suggestions. Thanks!