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He me and my bro have been working on a great RTS for Android since the Google play store has been quite lacking in good RTS games for a long time. it will include two races, one will be called the Vanir which consists of machines that require scrap metals and other resources to supply their army. the other race is named the Aesir who are a mainly peaceful race that have been attacked by the Vanir since one of their less friendly creatures killed the prince of the Vanir, as the Vanir think yet it was only a lightning bolt during a horrific storm. after this the Vanir hold a vendetta against the insects but the insects start to evolve and soon its a life or death fight between the two races.

  • Two races!
  • Multiple units per race!
  • Going to be not only multiplayer but have a campaign also!
  • One of the few 3d RTS for android but also with the good feeling that you have when you play Starcraft!
  • New way to gather items forcing the players into combat making it so the Aesirs need kills to gain money while the Vanir need to hold a scrap yard to gain money forcing in every match up, combat to happen!


don't worry this is a test, not real it wont look like this.

there's also a trailer for it, this isn't as far ahead as the game is currently since it was taken about a month ago but still a good reference to know if you like where the game is heading.

Also if you like what you've seen it would be great if you could go to our Facebook page to like it to help us gain some momentum!

Thank you