[T] Hardcounters in SC2

I think one of the reasons of poor gameplay in sc2 are Hardcounters. Hardcounters make the game more like Rock-paper-scissors, coin-flippy, forcing us to use one composition all the time. And Blizzard seems to balance things around it. Day9 kinda talked about it in his last daily where he brings an example: "of Immortals vs Zerglings" surely it can be microed, but it most likely be one-sided.

Imaginary situation of two players discussing how to play sc2:
-what if I build unit A,
-NO, they will build unit B and you'll die, you better stick with the Colossi/gateway army,
Thats almost in every matchup.


So, instead of making hardcounters, why won't we diversify units, make them interact-able, micro-able... soft counters so to say.

That was one of good qualities of bw, which somehow forgotten and overlooked. Tanks vs Hydras, Zerglings vs Vultures wheren't one-sided, it all depended how players used their.

I would start from lowering damage of most units that do too much specified damage. Like, why marauder does +10 vs armored? Instead make it 8 base damage and +6 vs armored. Upgrades (+1/0). Increase their speed so that they could be microed better but don't do absurd damage. Cut in half damage of banelings, but increase explosion radius, so that opponent has more incentives to micro and spread his army. Make phoenixes do 7+7 base damage and no additional damage to light. And vuala, you can use them in fights, not only for scouting and killing workers, not utterly devastating but micro dependant. And many many more stuff should be tweaked. We're not asking to redesign units. Some tweaks would've make huge differences. I'm sure its doable in Hots.

Day9 if you're reading this, if you find a dime in it, can you bring it up next daily?And even make some illustraitions in BW. Thanks.


PS:I'm so tired of the negativity going around. People only voice problems and no solutions.