[H] Terran, gold, help with getting past gold league

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LAter update: here's another example of losing vs zerg: http://drop.sc/345944

Hi guys, I'm playing WOL and I'm looking for advice on how to get up the ladder from gold. Most of the time when I play gold toss I lose to Collossus. To Zerg I lose to ling+baneling usually. I also have a poor mid- and late-game development. 

Here are some replays:
After following some of the advices of CovertMuffin posted here I managed to make a better stand against zerg and I managed to beat Protoss in mid & late game by realizing how IMPORTANT is the ghost with EMP. Almost every battle where I can cast EMP is won if there are similar forces in combat - the high templars are rendered useless (no mana) and all the other units without shields. So, remember: EMP and ghost are your most important allies against toss. Thanks again CovertMuffin! :)