Counter Pheonix into stalker Archon

I'll lay out how to counter this in steps bellow.

1. You have to scout it first if you don't scout the mutas you won't be able to counter them unless the zerg messes up. So you can either open with 5 pheonix harrass or use good oracle scouting.

2. Once you scout you want to go into double start gate fleet beacon chono out pheonixes,get range and blink. The rest of your money should go into air attack and stalkers.

3. Its all about micro so babysit your pheonixes, use them to defend your bases try to micro around the corrupters and kill mutas until your stalkers get their and can engage the corrupters. The idea is to keep your pheonixes dancing killing mutas while your stalkers kill corrupters.

4. The late game transition is to archons and stalkers with a medium size force of pheonixes to help defend until your ground army can arrive.

5. meanwhile you wills start to bank up mineral spend them on value zealots to harrass the zergs bases, most likely they will be up to 5-6 not really any way to attack without initiating a base race so use your zealots and Dts later on to harrass while you micro your units back at home.

6. With any spare minerals build cannons through out the game in mineral lines and around tech structures.

7. These games will most likely always be long games unless the zerg messes up some were along the way and allows you to kill a bunch of mutas or stays to passive and allows you to attack. So focus heavy on upgrades and babysitting your pheonixes, while trying to get some stuff done with harrass. Stay calm if you see them with alot of bases you will be far more effecient if your babysit your pheonixes.

8. Always be warry of a switch, if you see the muta count dwindling and the zerg being more aggressive with them be prepared for a tech switch try and scout it out and then respond correctly, however always try and maintain some pheonixes and be wary of a switch back to mass muta after they lose their army.

Watch the GSL season 1 finals for a good example of how to deal with muta corrupter. Zest was able to deal with this composition beautifully and in the game on alterzheim stronghold you will get to see how to deal with multiple switches.

The key 3 points here are:
1. you have to scout it your you've already lost
2. Pheonix micro will be what gets you through the mid game
3. Archon stalker will end up being your late game comp with a medium size force of pheonixes to dart around and buy time.