DT Expand

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The build That Day 9 starts off with in Part 2 is a great build that I've been using for quite some time, However, I wanted to propose a little variation that I use with it that makes it alot safer and alot easier for lower skill levels.

1. You can scout on 9 pylon and not mess up your build order at all. Very useful in a heavy gateway proxy meta or lower leagues since you can have a quick scout around your base or be in their base soon enough to see the missing gate. You don't have to 9 pylon scout, better if you don't, but you can and it wont mess with the build at all.

2. You can start warpgate and a stalker before your MC and wait till your 16 3n3 to get out you MC and still have enough for an overcharge. This helps make up for a 9 pylon scout or just boost your economy slightly.

3. Your 2 stalkers in my opinion, unless you have really good micro, are better left on hold position on your ramp ready to block scouts and early DT rushes that can hit starting at 6:30. Also this will prevent your darkshrine from being scouted, they might be able to see the twilight counsel depending on how long their probe manage to survive in your base but with 2 stalkers on the ramp they will never be able to get a lucky scout off and see the darkshrine.

4. after your 2 stalkers finish you will have enough gas to get a sentry and still afford everything this makes defending and buying time for your dts alot easier since you will have 2 stalkers, a sentry, and an overcharge which with the forcefield you can defend your mineral line from an oracle and block your ramp.

5. After that build 2 more gates and a robo making sure to prioritize your twilight counsel then darkshrine. 

6. Any form of early gateway pressure is about 90% auto wint right their since you will warp in 1 DT at home to defend and another DT to run into their base and win you the game. If their is no early aggression and they manage to shut down your DTs you should have gotten an excellent scout and still have at least 1 of the 2 dts still alive acting as proxy observer that is able to both keep some form of map control and scout.

Bench Mark: comes at 7:20 were you should have; 2 dts warping in accross the map, 2 stalkers, 1 sentry, a MC, 3 gates, a Robo with enough to immediatly start an obs, and a Nexus warping in.

I believe their is an audio build that is pretty much just like my build were you get the sentry and Robo and they talk about leaving your stalkers on the ramp. Also their also a DT expand by Sasse i believe which is were i modified this from were you don't get a robo but warp in 3 dts and start with 2 and 2 in gas. I'll post my BO in the forum if their is any body that wants it.