EU caster lacking

to add to your point casters alot of the time try and make the situation seem more dire or close than it is depending on the situation to build suspense kinda like a movie. I even believe day 9 talked about this before on how he will try and build suspense or make a game seem closer to make it more interesting. 

Now to another point I have found that the EU casters are not that great on analyzing the state of the game and alot of the times will boldy state something that is very obviously not true. Furthermore, I have found that alot of EU professionals are way behind on the current meta.

I didn't really notice this when i first started watching SC2 but this year i bought a GSL pass and it really amazed me how much skill level dependency there is between GSL and WCS America/ EU. I also came to realize how much better the caster are at analyzing a point in the game and how accurate their predictions are most of the time.