Facts vs Fantasy

Might want to check out the recently released statistics on this match-up post patch. Right PvT is Terran favored with Toss winning 48% of games. Furthermore, the run of success Toss had in PvT had to do with early game aggression, mainly Blink All-Ins, being really effective. Now with the WM and MSC patch along with new maps that has all changed. Toss is now back to Robo opening that are extremely passive and susceptible to medi-vac and multi-pronged harass once 3 bases have been taken. My suspicion is your probally Gold and bellow and are having 1 or more of these problems bellow.

1. You are trying to drop a Toss that is on 2 bases.
2. You are over committing to pre 10 min attacks 
3. You are not expanding fast and or enough after you have determined that the Toss is going Robo
4. Your not properly Identifying when the Toss is taking their 3rd, and pressuring at that time.
5. You are either not making or not utilizing Ghosts in the late game and thus having extreme problems with HTs.
6. You haven't discovered the power of WM drops and pushes in the early and Mid Game.
7. You do not know your all-inn timings and are getting caught off guard early game by oracles and or blink all-Inn

I would be interested to see what build your using, rather your using a macro build or an All-inish build which are common in low league that will go for 3 rax pressure off of one base with a late expand. I would recommended for Ladder a safe reaper expand build and having some light 3 rax concussive shell pressure out on the map pre- 10mins for map control. This will keep you safe against all blink attacks, will allow you to chase down and catch stalkers out on the map, and will get usually allow you to get alot of early game damage done. Just remember with your pre 10min timing attacks not to over commit and to focus fire probes and key units such as Sentries, Immortals, and Collossus. Its ok to lose your army if your able to get a large number of probes, reset the colossus count, or 2-3 sentries if its still early in the game. Do not focus on taking out their nexus and remember you can always avoid the Overcharge with good tactis either stutter stepping into the main if you were able to get their sentries or baiting out an overcharge before your planned timing.

Some othe advice is to know the Toss early game timings which are 5:30-7:30 are Oracle timings rally your marines, WMs, or build Turrets before this to avoid Oracles if you scout either gas first or double Assims. 6:00-6:30 is when Warpgate will finish depending on gateway timings so be sure to scout for chronos on the Cybercore and gateway counts 6:30 is also a good time for a scan if you weren't able to poke in with a reaper scout. 7:30-9:00 is when you will be hit by a blink-all-inn so if you scouted 3+ stalkers and a twilight counsel make sure to have bunkers, WM, and or medivacs and stim. Also having a 1 maruader with concussive shell along with 8-10 marines out on the map to catch stalkers is also a good way to shut this down along with early WM drops as well which almost hard counter blink all-inns as there will usually be no robo.

If your able to scout a robo you just need to keep an eye out for a quick twilight and or a large mass of stalkers which would indicate a 2 collossus all-inn off of 2 bases. Other than that you should be getting a quick 3rd while keeping some constant pressure outside their natural poking in trying to bait over charges and pick off collossus while threatening a drop just not over committing. If they turtle on 2 bases for a long time don't worry you have already done damage by getting your 3rd faster and delaying theirs no reason for your 3rd to be delkayed if they went Robo and are turtled on 2 bases. The only thing that can hurt you now is a lucky warp prism or yourself over committing to drops that you do not need. Once the Toss has enough to push you away and get their 3rd you can now start pressuring their 3rd with your main force while dropping their main or running a small force into their natural, or you can go for a straight up fight at their 3rd which as along as you targeted correctly it doesn't matter rather you won or lost because your economy is better being a base up and you can than tranisition into some drop play while rebuilding your army for a final push.

If the Toss is able to get a recently timed 3rd without losing to much then you transition into ghost tech and wait to see Templar before starting to mass produce your ghost, while securing your 4th and maybe getting a macro CC either in base or at your 5th, In theory you now have the stronger army unless he is able to get into to Tempest but thats extremely late game, its now basically up to your ghost control. Remember ghost can cloak, out ranged HT, Are faster than HT, are relatively beefy, their auto-attack does excellent dmg to light units, and most importantly EMP not only removes shields but energy and does its dmg instantly unlike storm which is over time.