Isn't it obviouse

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I want you to go and look at that game right at the 20:00min mark and its extremely obviouse why Jaedong lost that game. Still i will lay it out for you bellow.

1. Jaedong took this fight off creep making it alot harder for his units to maneuver. Furthermore, he didn't need to take the fight off creep he was the one that actually engaged.

2. Jaedong's army was weaker at the time he took the fight, and again he didn't need to take the fight then he had a larger economy and could've bought a little bit more time and easily won.

3. Jaedong's army attacked in piece meal when he decided to take that fight staggering in little bit by little bit instead of all at once.

4. Jaedong over produced lings after he held the initial attack while all hero lost was a few zealots which wasn't that much. So neither player lost to much in that initial attack except Jaedong over produced Lings after he held which cost him in economy all those could have been drones.

5. Jaedong didn't understand the situation and should have bought time tried and run lings around Hero's army trying to pick off Pylons and if be sacked his third all he had to do was get out a few more cycles of roach/ Hydra and he could have easily beat Hero. Instead he chose to attack when his army was weaker than Hero's which he didn't need to do Hero was the one that was on a timer not Jaedong all Jaedong had to do was sit back and turtle.

6. The 1st Immortal push Hero didn't lose his 2 initial Immortals which meant he had 5 when he attacked the second time, furthermore, Hero did kill a good portion of Jaedongs army but still if Jaedong would have responded properly and just massed up his army and bought time he would have been fine.

7. Just to point out how close it was when Jaedong chose to engage their army supplies were 53 56 which is going to favor protoss everytime especially with 5 immortals and all those sentries and zealots. Furthermore Jaedong hadn't gotten out enough roaches to tank for the hydras and attacked again of creep under a time warp which allowed the zealots to get in the hydras face which is bad since zealots will absolutely beat hydras if the hydras can't kite them.

8. After Jaedong lost that fight at 20:00min the game was over Hero had 5 immortals and a bunch of zealot sentry Jaedong never gave his economy time to over power Hero.

9. What Jaedong could've done to win this game was after he held the initial aggression from Hero was continue to make sure Hero doesn't take a third but don't throw units away trying to bust the natural like he did do. Secondly he should've of kept his lings running around trying to snipe proxy pylons and delay Heros push since he knows Hero is on a timer and needs to win with what he gots or he's done. Thirdly Jaedong should of been passive even sacking his third if need be, built spines and defended until he had a large enough army. I mean pull your probes from your third up to your natural and just mass roach hydra. Fourthly, The over production of lings, not knowing how many to make to hold the initial zealot harrass cost his economy which is why he had so few drones at his third plus he had to pull drones to hold the first immortal push. Fifthly Jaedong took a really bad engagement at 20:00min attacking off creep with his army spread so far out which hurt.