Medical Benefit

Actually SC2 has some medical benefits that doctors have been experimenting with. In alot of recent Alzheimer sstudies then have been studying the effect of playing sc2 on the neural tissue growth which they have found that sc2 adds to the nueral tissue mass of peoples brains which is crucial to preventing Alzheimers. Furthermore, they have been using to help people who have suffered brain damage to recover their motor controls along with other abilities.

Secondly I like SC2 because i played sports all the way through highschool and loved competition and the constant practicing and improving. Which is something i missed after school until i found sc2. Actually alot of times I'm more nervouse before starting a ladder match than when i was under center with a 200lbs D end staring after me LoL. Furthermore, I think its good that people that couldn't or didn't get to play sports gets to experience it. I find competition and practicing and improving really grows a person and matures them along with teaches them alot of life skills.