Protoss recent success

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Too Protoss recent success, after watching sc2 for awhile now, the game does this were one race will be dominant and everytime it does everone screams OP nothing new. The whole beginning of HOTS up until the last season last year Terran won everything I mean everything every PvT was mass hellbat/Marauder/Medivac harrass into a big 10-12min scv pull that won almost 100% of the time. TvT was just mass hellbat drops, i watch a TvT between i believe Polt and Innovation i believe were the game had come down (after several back and forth hellbat drops) to a medivac each with 4 hellbats each sitting their microing hellbats up and down for 10mins it was terrible. Then TvZ i remember watching 30 lings get roasted in a minute by 2 hellbats tucked in a corner then those 2 hellbats did it again it was terrible. So what happens is a style becomes real popular and eventually the meta figures it out and the race that was doing good starts to do bad and in my experience it takes pros along time to adapt away from a style that they were having success with.

A good example of this was the immortal all-in Parting looked unstable with it and other Protoss quickly followed and zergs qqed for along time and eventually they figured it out. However, Protoss didn't stop doing for a long time and  lost alot games becaue of it and they started qqing. Thats Terrans problem right now with Protoss, Protoss used to be hyper defensive rush out Colossi and defend that 10min push. Now Protoss opens templar tech and are hyper aggressive, which has done 2 things; 1 templar tech ABSOLUTELY shuts down scv pulls and makes it easier to defend early pushes and drop play. The second thing Protoss has finally started applying the early pressure which was uncommon in the early PvT meta. Now Terrans 8-12 min pulls aren't successful anymore, and they are having to adjust their builds like Protoss had to do to deal with drop harrass.