pvz build and guide

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This is a very versatile build that is easy to execute at a low skill level but also allows for alot of extra stuff to be done if you have the skill to do it. To sum this build up it combines the power of  a 11-12 min push like a 7 gate immortal all-in with the ability to safely take a third at the same time and to have fast HTs along with stargate and robo units. Below I will out line the build in stages and then provide a condensed BO at the bottom.

You will want to build a pylon at 9 then scout out with that probe to check for six pools then after scouting leave that probe hidden somewhere near by. Secondly you will build your forge at 14 followed by a pylon behind your minerals line between the gap in the mineral patches which will 1 plug that hole not allowing lings to run through it and 2 allow you to place a cannon in your mineral line in case of an early pool. Next you will build your gateway followed followed by a cannon one square back from your wall to allow sentry micro. At 18 supply you will cut probes and build your nexus then cyber core then pylon and continue to produce probes. You will also want to immediately get up both assimilators and start mining gas 3 at a time from both upon completion. The next thing you will do is start a stargate with your first 150 gas, then warpgate, and last a robo. Around 3min you will want to send that scout probe back in to check for an expansion if you don't see one by now it is a good indicator of baneling busts and nydus worms and you should start getting out some sentries and extra cannons in case, along with a few stalkers to patrol your base. The last thing you will do is build assimilators 3 and 4 after your main has 16 on minerals and 6 gas and your natural is up, you will want to put the first probes at the natural in gas. During this time you should be chrono boosting only probes at both the natural and main.

When your stargate is up you will immediately start producing void rays and not cut production. You will also want to get up your warp prism when you can. The next thing you will do around the 8 min mark is start getting up all 7 of your warp gates. Then when you have 16 probes on minerals at both the natural and main and 6 probes on gas at both the natural and main cut probe production. Now at the 10 min mark you should have 3 void rays and a warp prism ready to move out. Before you move out though start building your twilight council and then during your push when your twilight council finishes build your templar archives. You will want to warp in a round of zealots and stalkers and then move out and warp in another round on the way there with your warp prism. You will also want to continue void ray production with the rally point of the stargate set to your active void rays. Once you reach the zerg's base you should have around 12 stalkers, 9 zealots, and 4 voidrays. Now this attack is to deny the zerg a third base if the zerg doesn't have a third base by this time you shouldn't attack but instead leave this army at home, continue producing void rays,  get up your third, and start back up probe production. If the zerg has a third attack leave your warp prism safely behind your army for reinforcement warp ins or if your skilled micro around with it dropping their main and other places while you sack their third. If the attack starts to go south sack you ground units to kill their third or if already dead to kill off as much as they can while you fall back with your voidrays. However, if the attack is going well keep rallying your void rays and warping in units and pushing forwar. You will want to protect and micro your void rays around in this fight because they will be the most important unit to keep up since the zerg will have very little that can attack them.

If the attack failed or you were only able to kill one base either way you will want to have your templar archives up and be chrono boosting storm and continuing voidray production along with restarting probe production. You will also want to start up your third using your void rays and high templer, soon to have storm, to defend with along with a few zealot warp ins. The only way you wouldn't want to immediately get up your third is if you got there and the zerg had gone extremely fast mutas and you weren't able to win. Then you will want to continue chrono boosting storm but instead of a third you will want to warp in a bunch of stalkers and a few HTs to start building energy up for storm and build a few cannons. Now once you have enough stalkers and HT's with storm and a decent pack of void rays move out and take your third splitting your stalkers and HT's between mineral lines while using your voidrays with a few zealots and an HT to take a third. During this time you will also want to choose between carriers and colossus. I prefer carriers because they can attack multiple targets on the ground along with help out your void rays in taking down corrupter and mutas plus carriers can't be targeted by ground units like zerglings, roaches, or swarmhost. Furthermore you will want to be upgrading your units and building observers to scout and if you have the skill doing some warp prism harass and zealot run byes. Once you have 2 or more carriers or colossus and around 12 void rays with a handful of HTs and some zealots to help protect them from ground units move out and start trying to pick off some expansions or push right in if you see they have the wrong unit composition. For example roach hydra does very poorly against this and so does swarmhost since you have storm and voidrays plus have been harrassing preventing them from getting up large entrenched swarm host position with static D. Also mass muta doesnt fair well against this. All mass muta is able to do delay your army by harassment but once you have enough cannons and 1-2 HTs at each base you will be able to push and they won't have the units to defend. The only unit comp that has some success is mass corrupter/infestor with ling counter attacks but should be beatable with your voidrays backed up with storm and carriers. Lastly the last thing to add to your army of HT, voidray, colossus or carrier, zealot is 2-4 tempest to help snipe key units and force engagements.

1. Your first few voidrays can be used to gain map control and hunt overlords. However, you will be showing your hand and letting the zerg know that you are going stargate I like to try and hide them hoping the zerg will try some roach base play which with voids is easy to beat.

2.After your initial push you can do some fun warp prism harass pulling the zerg army all over the place. This type of harass will help keep lings or mutas on the zergs side of the map since the zerg will need fast units to defend against this. Also you will be able to do storm drops almost immediately after the push since you will have storm very early.

3. Zealot run byes will be very viable since after the push most of the units you will be building will be gas heavy and be being slowly from your robo or stargate this along with your three bases should leave you with left mineral that can be spent on zealot to be suicided into zerg expansions.

4.Voidrays our also great later in the game since they can fly around and quickly pick off overlords and key tech structures.


You need to scout out after the first pylon because you need to know if your first cannon should go in your mineral line or at your wall.Your scouting probe should check for a natural and a third a little after 3 min. The reason being if the zerg hasn't taken a third and is doing a 2 base play you won't be pushing but instead getting up your third and preparing some defense. Secondly and most important is if the zerg has not taken a 2nd then you need to prepare for a baneling bust or some nydus play. If you see no 2nd you will need to cut voidray production and start getting out sentries, more cannons at your wall, more gateways, and a few stalkers to patrol around looking for overlords so no nydus pops up in your base.

Hydra Roach:

.After your push or after your third is up continue to scout with some observers if you see the zerg going hydra roach its a good time to push since voidray, zealot, HT will be easily able to crush through this plus you will probably be hitting the zerg before they have infestor or vipers to support their roach hydra. 

Mass Muta:

.If after your push you conclude the zerg is going mass muta play d-emphasize voidray and colossus/carrier production and focus on purely stalker and HT. DO NOT make mass pheonixes they will not be as useful in the late game and will require more micro to be effective than stalker and HTs. Instead build up a decent number of stalkers with a few HT supports and make voidrays as you can remember your in defense mode for a little bit. After you have enough stalker to split between your based and and few HTs at each base you can go back to voidray and colossus/carrier production. Doing this will completely shut down mass muta since they won't be able to harass and their corrupter's will be shut down by your voidrays. Furthermore while your shutting down their mutas your warp prisms and voidrays can be harrassing and weaking their base for when you do push and when you do push you will have voidray, stalker, HT, and possibly some carriers or tempest which will make for any easy win. and if it goes into a base race well you will have cannons and some HTs at home killing off mutas while you rock through their base.


If after your push you conclude that the zerg is going for swarm host play then harassment will be important to slow down the end game goal of the zerg to establish a spine/spore wall in the middle of the map with swarm host. Harrassing with your warp prism will pull the swarmhost back and forth and force spines and spores early than the zerg wants to make them. In the mean time build up your void rays to around 10-12 you don't want pure voidray. Then get out carries or colossus your choice i like carriers because it i can move around their defend postion and locust cant attack them. Then add in some HT for storms on the locust and swarmhost along with zealots to by the HTs enough time to storm and lastly 4 tempest to snipe key units and force engagements. You probally will be able to push before their position becomes to strong and if the position does get to strong fly arond leave cannons,zealots,and Hts at home which will hold off swarm host push for quite awhile while your voidrays,carriers,tempest fly around and destroy their infrastructure. 

Corrupter/ Infestor/ viper/ with ling or muta:

This is the only build that the zerg can use effectively against this but can still be easily beaten. The first thing is if the zerg goes for a third and then into muta play you should be able to end the game with the push since the zerg won't be able to mass enough mutas to kill your stalkers and voidrays and the zerg will be overwhelmed. If the zerg goes for 2 base real fast mutas stay back defend the get up your stalkers and and HTs with voidrays when you can. Then try and push if you see an opportunity before to many infestor come out. If you can't, defend, work on upgrades, Harass, and slowly expand their are only 2 things right now that can beat you being harassed to death and a bad engagement out in the middle of the map were your army is fungalled to death. Your army is slower so you don't want to base race so before you move out make sure you have good cannon coverage, sentries at the wall at your natural to FF ling run byes, HTs at each mineral line, and use gateways at expansion to form wall offs and chokes. When you do decide to push make sure your army consist of voidray (10-12), a decent amount of stalkers, HTs (4), and then some tempest and carriers how ever many you can afford. The tempest will allow you to snipe vipers and infestors, the voidrays will deal with the corrupters, the stalkers will help to kill of infestors and help out with the corrupters also, the HTs will help to keep mutas and lings out of the fingt, and the carriers will force the zerg to focus fire units to avoid wasting shots on the intercepters and will provide a surprising amount of aoe damage.


-9 pylon then scout

-14 forge and pylon in mineral line

-16 gateway

-18 cannon and cut probes

-400minerals nexus

-100minerals pylon

-150minerals cyber core

-Resume probes assimilators 1&2

-150gas stargate

-50gas warpgate

-100gas robo

-stargate complete start voidray production

-robo complete warp prism

-8min go up to 7 gateways

-cut probes at 16 on minerals and 6 on gas at both bases

-10min warp in around start twilight council and move out

-warp in another round on the way

-Twilight council complete templar archives then start chronoing storm