PvZ Dt into archon all-in hits very early

This is a fun build that comes from pro-league that i saw desrow use on his stream from plat through about low masters and work every time its a fun build and extremely easy. It hits around 6:30 with 3 DTs and you do as much damage as you can and keep warping in dts and then zealots with left over minerals. You stack your zealots while sending in your DTs, being careful not to lose them, once they get their detection you fall back make 3 archons warp in a few more zealots and another dt and hit again at about 8:40~. The cool thing about this build is how easy it is but how much micro potential it has for high level players, for example: what higher level players will do is move in with their DTs and zealot and keep pushing and morph their archons at the last second its really hard for the zerg to have anything but static detection so you can really bait out alot of unit.

9. Pylon
13 Gateway
15. x2 Assimilators (3n3 once finished)
16. Pylon
@100% Gate Cyb-Core
@100min Zealot
@100% Cybe-Core Twilight
-then warpgate
26. Supply pylon at your natty to start wall
@100% Twilight Darkshrine
-2 gates and a pylon to finish wall
-MC core next (optional)
-2 more gates
@ 6:30 you warp in Dts and start your attack
- Make a closer forward pylon the Dts will be able to defend
-Once last to gate finish warp in 2 more Dts and keep warping in Zealots with left over mins, bank them at forward pylon,
-Once detection fall back warp in more dts and zealots form 3 archons and hit again

3:30-4:00 Zealot finishes. When you start the zealot depends on pool
3:50~      Twilight Starts
4:50~      Darkshrine Starts
6:00~      Last 2 gates start
6:30~      3 Dt warp in
8:40~      3 Archons, 7 zealots, 1 Dt

-After 9 pylon finishes, after gateway, and again after 16 pylon
-You will want to try and get 2-3 chronos in on warpgate so it finishes in time.
-the rest spend on your gateways.

Notes: - I scout on 9 pylon with this build so I am safe against 6-pools and can easily hide my probe since you need a hidden pylon for this to work properly

-Your zealot timings depend on the pool if its an early pool you will want to prioritize the zealot over probes if its a later pool you can wait till you have the minerals without cutting probes briefly. You can also chrono the zealot if you need to so it can be out by 3:30 (6-pool timing).

-The MC is optional since making it will delay your last 2 gates slightly and will delay your last 3 Dts some. So it optional on rather you feel you need to for defense in the attack or what. 

-  At 6:30 your first 3 Dts warp in: Have 1 patrol the natural mineral line to prevent mining while the other 2 try and snipe queens and build spores. 

- When your first 3 Dts move move your probe forward and build a closer pylon your Dts will be able to defend it fine then send the probe to scout for a 3rd and come back.

- While your 3 Dts are doing their work keep warping in Dts and zealots with left over minerals, leave your zealots at the pylon and send the other Dts in if the pylon is safe.

- Once they have detection pull back and guard the pylon while warp in the last of your Dts and zealots. 

- They most likely wont have anything but spores at this point so use your units to bait out lings and other units and kill them.

- Once at 6-7 Dts morph 3 archons and move in, you should have 3 archons, 7 zealots, and 1 dt by 8:40~. If your more advanced you can morp 2 archons and leave some dts in your comp for some burst damage and quickly morph them in battle when they take damage.

I find this to be a really fun build, that is easy to execute but has alot of micro potential for higher skill levels. Try it out a few time if your tired of the same old builds every game in PvZ and experiment with different variates and post them bellow. It feels like their should be away to make some sort of Dt expand with this build like in PvP, I have even experimented with making a nexus at the natural which only slightly delays my first Dts. The Archons are just so strong this early on in the game and the Dts even when detected have enough burst damage to fight off a decent number of units. Well i hope you guys like the build GLHF.