PvZ (how to 7 gate void-ray all in)

    Ok so here's an all in version of my "ffe sky toss", its an all in and very similar to the 7 gate immortal all in. First off you start just like you would any forge fast expand you get your expansion up, your wall, and warp gate research going but you do not build a robo you instead build 1 star gate at first and start making void rays. The second thing you'll want to do is start making zealots, and the reason is you want to save your gas for a second star gate and more voids. The third thing is once you get close to 4 void rays and  5-10 zealots you will want to put a proxy pylon up some were near their natural. The last thing is to execute, move out with your void rays and zealot army, rally your double star gate to your army and keep making voids, and then start warping in zealots to reinforce your army.


   The way you want to do this attack is to kill any hydra, mutas, queens, and spore crawlers first the zerglings and roaches just aren't that big of deal because they cant shoot up. Your second priority is their hydralisk den, spire, and infestation pit. The third priority is the lair, roach warren, and pool, and lastly kill off the hatcheries. The reason you go in this order is to prevent them from getting out any aa units, it doesn't matter how much minerals or gas they have if they can only produce zerglings or drones.

   Now if your  attacked before you leave your base thank them for bringing all their units to you to kill. Leave your zealots behind your wall and kill them with your cannons and void rays then attack. If they decide to counter attack your base and go for a base trade send one void back or wait for one of the voids that is training to pop out and use it to clean up the attack.

   This attack will take place around the same time as a 7 gate immortal all-in 10-12 mins depending on skill, how clean your build order is, and how many units you prefer. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: "micro your void rays" well to keep them alive, kill off hydras and mutas first and queens. they shouldn't have a huge amount at this point so they shouldn't be hard to focus down and micro back the void rays without shields. Don't worry about making stalkers unless you find your self rolling in gas and try and use your zealots to kill off any hydras and spore crawlers. In my opinion this is easier than a 7 gate immortal all-in because you do not have to have great force fields, you can not be over whelmed by an early roach max, and most zergs go for a baneling bust, roach/ling pushes, or roach maxes between the 7-12 min mark which your voidrays and zealots will chew right threw.