PvZ (How to go sky toss against zerg)

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        Hi What I'm looking for our some unique ideas on build orders to get to a specific late game army composition that i have found to be pretty good against most zerg armies. The army composition I've been using is approximately: 8 carriers, 8 voidrays, 2 tempest, 10 HT, and 15 zealots. The carriers replace the aoe damage im losing from not having colossi the voidray acts as protection for the carriers and our good against corrupters and orther units, the 2 tempest our purely for utility and our used to force engagements and attack retreating zerg armies, the HT our their for both defensive and offensive storms,  the zealots our only their to give a little meat shield around my HT.  A

    Now this is how I've been getting to this army composition: 1st I forge fast expand, Then after I have my wall up and 2 bases i will plop down double star-gate and get out an oracle, which will get to the zerg's base around 7-8min, I then transition into void ray production. I will rally my 2 stargates to my first 4 void rays and do a push at his/her main around 9-10min which sometimes allows me to overwhelm them with voidrays, but at the least I'm able to pick off a few queens, a couple tech structures, and sometimes even their lair before they can push me back with enough hydras or mutas. If they go into mutas i will cut void-ray production and get out some pheonixes before transitioning into carriers, if they go hydra i go strait into carrier production. Once I have my first 2-4 carriers out around 12-14min i will take a third and continue producing carriers while getting up storm tech. I've noticed going stargate i have alot of left over minerals so i spend them on warpgates and cannons to protect my expansion since my carrier army is slow and i find that having a bunch of warp ins a few cannons and warpgates blocking my expansion gives pretty good protectoin against muta and ling harass. when my army starts to get maxed i will do some dt and zealot harass at the zerg's different expansions while i move my army into place. Then when i do engage i find storm along with carriers and void rays rolls over pretty much everything. Then if the intial engagement went ok i will do a big warp in and finish the zerg palyer off. If not i will continue to build carriers and warping in either ht zealot or stalker arcon if i need more anti-air. If the games ends up going really late i usually end up with mostly carriers a few tempest and arcons or hts with a few zealots and stalkers. 

    What i would like help with is getting a good build order for this so its not so random each time i go this path and any other ideas that people might have. I'm not that skilled of player so i know their is alot of room for improvement on the build order and strategy here so if anybody has some great ideas I'd be more than appreciative. 


I scout after my 9 pylon to look for a 6 pool

I leave my first probe on the outside of my wall to make sure the zerg player isn't doing a 1 base all in.

At 7 min my oracle will look to see what tech path the zerg player is going.

and then 1t 10-12 min my void ray push will give me some info


i eventually go double cyber core around 10 mins to make sure i have my air upgrades finished when my army is maxed

The only forge upgrades i get our shields when i have extra gas to spare.


Provides decent harass after 7-8 mins

Good defense against roach maxes

Really strong late game army

Really effective against swarm host, roach/hydra, and broodlord infestor 


Vulnerable to 1 base all ins and early timing attacks

not very mobile

has problems against mass corrupter, infestor, viper

very gas heavy

Build Order:

9)pylon (send probe to scout)
14 forge
16 pylon
19 gateway
100% forge 1 cannon at wall
20 nexus (cut probes till you have enough for nexus)
21 double gas at main
22 cyber core
23 pylon
1st 150 gas stargate
28 double gas at natural
2nd 150 gas 2nd stargate
3rd 150 gas start void ray production ( or 1 oracle for detection/harrassment)
continue to build voidrays and probes. If you  go for an oracle you can harrass as soon as it comes out and scout until you have 4 voids for your push.
100% 4 voidrays start attack rally rest of the voidrays to the first 4