PvZ (Void-Ray Warp Prism Drop)

Imagine flying into the Zerg's base at 10:30~ with 5 voidrays and a warp prism full of sentries.

      This build is similar to my other PvZ Void Ray builds I have posted on here before but I think this one has more versatility. This build is alot like an immortal sentry all-in but with 5 void rays instead of 3 immortals and you have the ability to attack were ever you want plus 2 stargates. The void rays allows you the ability to be mobile and makes up for not having the harden shield ability by beinf a flying unit that is immune to ling/ roach. Which most zergs that opened three base will be stuck on for quite awhile and even if they did get hydras out they won't have the efficient enough to fight 5 voidrays plus gateway support. Lastly this build allows you to be an extremely annoying ass hole early on with your warp prism and the ability to go into Voidray/ Archon/ chargelot with storm for the late game.

9. Pylon

14. Forge

17. Nexus

18. Gateway

18. Cannon

18. Pylon

100% Gateway Cyb Core

-Above is a FFE-

150g Stargate

100% Stargate 1st Voidray

-Should have around 15~ probes at natural start assims 3 & 4- 

 (also around now wouldn't be a bad time to sneek in your MC)

100g Robo

150g 2nd voidray

150g Stargate

-Obviously cut probes at 16, 3 & 3 at both Nexi-

8:30~ throw down 5-6 more gates

(Optional throw down a Twilight council for a templar switch)

With your first 3 Voidrays and warprism move out with 2 chronoed voidrays following behind

Now I just warp in 4 sentries about halfway and load them up into my warp prism but its possible to have built 2-3 before sneeking them in when you can but you will still have 4 FF if you choose to do it my way in which case you should have enough FFs but if your a better player go ahead and try and sneek them in earlier.


- You should be hitting the Zerg's Base around 10:30~ with 5 Voidrays and a warp prism full of sentries

- When you attack you can do 1 of a few things you can just stop outside the natural and start warping in units and push right into the natural of the zerg's or the third base. Or better than that since you have void rays instead of immortals you can fly straight into the Zerg's main base and FF the ramp and start warping in usually if you get a couple of FFs off on the ramp the games over because the Voidrays will have so much Fire power that they will make quick work of the main base especially with zealot support.

-If you want to attack the Main you can try and just sneak in or if the Zerg is prepared with units in the main you can warp in some zealot and push the Natural with the zealots and voidrays to force the Zerg down into thier natural while your warp prism flies into the main and FFs the ramp. Then your voidrays abandon the poor zeolots and float over into the main leaving the Zerg stuck in their natural while everything dies.

-Furthermore, if the zerg has really prepared for your attack you can force the zerg into a hard choice of where to defend and how best to split his/her army by flying over to the third or main with your warp prism and warping in units while your Voidrays goes over to the opposite base and hits their. This can by you some time harrassing the zerg to throw down your templar archives and another forge while you move over to Zealot/ Archon/ Voidrays with storm. or gives you the chance to start chronoing out a bunch of pheonixes and starting your fleet beacon for pulse crystals.

-If they did something really crazy and went extremely early mutas or hydras don't push in and lose all your void rays instead poke and harass while preparing your response back at home. If they went mutas you can either go straight for pheonixes you do have 2 stargates or you can go over into templar tech and research blink. As long as you come back with the majority of your void rays you should be able to hold off a push with Photon over charge and either Blink stalkers, Templar or phoenixes.


-You can scout on 9 but I like to scout after the forge with the probe that built it. What you are looking for beside the obvious 6 and 10 pool attacks are first off are they taking a third and rather they are going for a fast layer tech play or not.

- Other than this you should be pretty good you should try and keep the first scouting probe alive as long as possible to build some proxy pylons and scout for any pre- 10 minute pushes but other than that you should be fine.

- If the Zerg is not taking a third you do not need to attack go over into templar tech straight into storm while you continue to mass void rays or phoenixes if its mass muta. you should be able to fend off any 2 base ground push easy with mass void rays and a few sentries to FF the front at your natural. If its Mutas you should be able to get out enough phoenixes and a fleet beacon while going into archon and storm to hold it off. Furthermore, if they are going for mutas you can go over into blink stalkers too since you already have some void rays and will soon have storm and archons.

-If the zerg does do a 2 base play and you either hold off the push or the Zerg is bad and goes for a really late third you should be able to take a third easy with your mass voidray count and have an extremely formidable Voidray/ archon/ chargelot army that has storm.

-Furthermore while you sit back you can do all types of harass with your warp prism delaying the zerg and generally making his or her life very miserable while you build up an even more miserable death ball that will be sure to prompt an OMG Voidrays so IMBA response which ahh warms the heart every time you hear it.

- Also a late game note carriers are extremely effective when paired with voidrays/ archons/ chargelots and storm alot more effective than colossi in my opinion especially at lower levels since they require alot more micro out of the zerg to take down. This is because the zerg has to now push into a mass of voidray/ zealot/ storm fire to focus fire the carriers or like most zergs they while just auto attack and hit the interceptors allowing you voidrays and storm to tear through them either way its extremely annoying. Plus locust are alot less scary when you fly over them with carriers and voidrays using the zealots to by enough time for your couple of templars to storm.