Reddit and pro-league stats

Alot of people on Reddit do some great analysis of the numbers and pro-league stats are also a great indicator. However, you can't look at ladder numbers for several reasons:
1. MMR: Blizz is still having problems with the MMR system thus you end up alot of times with some pretty miss matched games. However, its not just the MMR systems fault its also the lack of games people will play, for example playing only 30 or less games makes it hard to figure out your MMR especially if their are periods in between gaming sessions as MMR will decay when your not playing.

2. Trolling: Has become quite popular even for streamers to either educate on SC2 basics or just for high level players to be dicks. However, in the end it ends up hurting the actual Balance of the matches when you have diamond to master skill levels matching up with Gold and bellow.

3. Knowledge: People are lazy especially when it comes to learning, I learned this along time ago when i first started playing WoW, the trade chat was constantly flooded with questions, and in groups their were always idiots that had no idea what to do even though their is a plethora of information on some very well designed sites online. The same applies to SC2, which is far more complicated than WoW in what you need to know to be successful at any level of the game. In SC2 you need to learn at least one build for each match-up that isn't an cheese, you need to get down the basic standard openings for at least your race, you need to learn timings for both your race and the other races, you need to learn how to utilize your hotkeys, control groups, and camera locations, you need to learn how to scout, and you need to learn unit counters.
4. Attitude: Most people now have a really bad attitude when in general and especially when it comes to playing games.Alot of players have a very hard time with failure, challenges,and personal criticism. Its very toxic not only to your improvement but the game as a whole when you take the attitude that nothing is your fault and blame everything on imbalance, luck, or the unorthodox style of the other player. Most players 70% exact are in gold and bellow because of this very toxic attitude.

5. Playing Time: Growing up and in highschool i was an athlete and i kept my gaming a secret, i was a closet nerd to say =}. However, what i learned from playing sports directly translated into games like SC2 and other in depth strategy games. For example i started at QB and Free Safety on my high school football team and, even though i always like football i never played competitively until highschool, what I learned was that it was quite complicated especially at the positions i liked to play. I had to spend alot of time practicing alot of boring technical stuff to get good like; Memorizing plays, passing routes, assignments not just for myself but the players around me, footwork for any from a quick 1 step to 7 step dropback or hand off/ option plays, I had to how to read defenses. All of this took time watch tape, reading playbooks, and practicing footwork stuff that you do not think of when it comes to football and stuff that is not all that entertaining. I also played golf in highschool, having a 4 handi-cap, and it taught me that its not the amount of time spent practicing its how you practice that makes you better. In gold you can whack balls on the driving range and not get an ounce better in fact you can even get worst. If you are practicing the wrong techniques and the wrong strategies you are not only just NOT improving you are getting worst because you are engraving the wrong techniques and strategies into your head instead of the right ones. So just like real sports you need to take the time to learn the not so fun technical stuff about the game while then making sure you are practicing what you learned so you are engraving the right fundamentals, strategies, and techniques into your brain. Their is a reason they call it an e-sport and even amongst the pros their is such a range of skill level.

So between an imperfect MMR (matching system), players who are not knowledgeable of the game and lack the interest to become so, a toxic attitude that ranges from the high GM players to the lowest Bronze level players, a group of players that purposely for various reasons try to and succeed at getting matched up against lower skilled players, and a vast majority of players that spend very little time practicing and or playing you can't draw any balance conclusions from the ladder even from the GM and masters ladder as the skill level between top pros and their many barcode accounts and regular joes is to great. 

Another side note to take into consideration no matter how balanced anyone believes SC2 to be it will never be balanced for the simple fact that the variation of the skill levels amongst the players that play it and their racial choses will make the game slightly imbalanced.