Safest PvP Build ( Modified DT Expand)

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    In one of Day 9's recent dailies he went over a DT Expand Build that Rain was using in the GSL vs Zest; which I'm Glad to see this build finally getting some attention. It is one that I have been using for almost a year now and have had great success with. It is one of the safest PvP builds that you can do and also provides you with a decent early game win percentage along with strong map control and contain if it fails along with a multitude of follow ups.

The build I will show you bellow is safer and allows for quicker follow ups along with hitting all the same timings. The differences in my build are you get a sentry along with the 2 stalkers, 3 gates instead of 2 gates, and always warp in 2 Dts which I have found to be the sweet spot which allows you to take down pylons and cannons fast enough yet be able to always escape with at least 1 Dt to harass, scout, contain, and maintain map presence with. Having this extra Dt when the rush fails is so helpful since they will now need 2 obs from their observer if not more immediately to move out. It will also allow you to shut down naturals or 3rds from starting up for awhile. 

9. Pylon
13. Gateway
15. x2 Assim (3 in each gas right away or the build won't work)
16. Pylon
@ 100% gateway Cyber Core
@100% Cyber Core start your MC + Warpgate. ( you can also Start your stalker and warpgate first and wait till 16 3n3 to get your MC out and still be fine.
@ 100% Cybercore after warpgate and MC Twilight counsel
-Start 1st stalker make up to 2 stalkers in total
@100% Twilight counsel make a Darkshrine

@300minerals make 2 gates for a total of 3 gates-next make a Robo then a sentry after your 2nd stalker-@100% Darkshrine warp in 2 Dts and expand 


- At 16 3 and 3 you will have to cut probes for awhile and then will be able to start squeezing a few now and then but do not need to until you expand. Either way it works fine you just might be a few seconds delayed on the robo if you start squeezing in probes.

- 9 Pylon scouting will not hurt this build, you will be able to hit all the timing with it and be fine.

- You will be able to expand before you warp in your Dts it just might delay them some but I find a 7min expansion in PvP will usually put you ahead in expansion and when it doesn't your opponent usually won't have detection so it won't matter anyways.

-Your stalkers are BETTER OFF left on hold position on the ramp to prevent scouts and an early Dt that can hit as early as 6:00~.

- If your not careful and produce an extra probe or are late on a pylon you may become briefly supply blocked at 26 supply, but i find this to be a problem with alot of protoss builds, but don't worry it won't mess things up that bad since all it will do is delay your 16th mineral probe and your stalker for a few seconds which won't hurt anything if they are a few seconds late.


3:20~ Cybercore starts
4:20~ Twilight counsel
5:00~ Darkshrine
5:40~ 2 Gateways
6:20~ Robo
7:20~ 2 DT warp-in


The chrono distribution is really simple you just chrono all probes and by the time your cyber core finishes you should have 15 on minerals and 3 in each gas and be ready to chrono out your MC and then make your last probe.

Goals:  By 7:20 you should have all of these bellow:

- 2 Stalkers
- 1 Sentry- 1 Robo with enough to make an Obs after you warp in your DTs- 3 Gateways- 1 MC with well over 100 energy, probally closer to maxed energy- 1 Expansion warping in,- 2 Dts running into your opponents base

The main differences between my Build and Rain's build are:

1. I have a Sentry along with my 2 stalkers2. I have 3 gates instead of just 2 gates3. I warp in 2 Dts instead of the mixed 1-3 dts

Besides that the timings are exactly the same I expand at about the same time my Dts arrive at exactly the same time along with the rest of my builds, units, and tech structures.

- Have your stalkers on hold position on your ramp, this prevents scouts from getting in and early DTs that can arrive as early as 6:00~. Also since you will only have 2 stalkers theirs not to much you can do on the map anyways and getting one picked off is highly likely since blinking players will have gone up to 3 stalkers.

- Use your MC to scout around your third and natural for pylons instead of your stalkers.

- You can 9 pylon scout with this build and not mess up the timings at all, which is nice if  your a lower league player and experience alot of proxy 2 gates. This allows you to either scout around your base and natural real earlier or better yet arrive in their base and notice a gateway missing or a forge indicating a cannon rush in case of a forge or a proxy 2 gate in the absence of a gateway.

- Leave your sentry behind your stalkers but out of site of an probe that mite suicide up your ramp. A sentry could tip them off that your going for a low gateway unit count opening.

-When you send your Dts in what you want to do is send one to patrol the natural mineral line and then one to patrol the mains mineral line. Then if their is no natural yet run the other Dt in after the first Dt has already gone in so your at least assured to get out with 1 Dt if not 2. Once in your base have one just patrol the mineral line to completely prevent any mining while the other goes around and chases probes. If you see a robo that can be un-powered or a cannon warping in focus it down and then go back to doing what i said above. The only thing here, when going for shutting down a robo or warping in cannon, is you have to make a judgement call on rather you can kill it before the detection comes out if not just focus the probes and take a good economic lead.

6:00-6:30~ Attacks that come around this time are usually 4 gates, occasionally 3 gate pressure, but their all held the same way. If they hit before your sentry comes out back your stalkers up to your probe line and use your over charge your just buying time till your Dts can be warped in. Once you can warp in your Dts warp in 1 at home and one accross the map to run into their mineral line. This is pretty much an auto win since their will be no detection for them and your Dt along with additional warp ins will be able to hold at home.

Stargate: Any type of star-gate aggression usually has a pretty high early game win percentage as well; since any orcacle harass can be shut down by your 2 stalkers which is enough to push away an oracle and your sentry can FF the ramp to prevent any gateway units coming in if its a multi-pronged attacked. You also have an overcharge available very early to if things get dicey. With pheonixes your 2 stalkers should be able to hold off low numbers and by the time they get to 5 pheonixes your Dts should be doing their thing. So if they go stargate its a win unless they get lucky and have an oracle at home to defend and even if they pull an oracle back to eventually clean up your Dts a 3-5 gateway blink follow up will win you the game since you will be on 2 base economy vs a crippled 1 base economy with stargate tech.

Twilight Tech:  If they go for Blink they will most likely in the majority of circumstances not have detection and you will get a free win and their blink attack will never be able to hit early enough and hard enough to win. If they go Dts of any sort no matter how early they go Dts you will be able to buy enough time with your sentry and 2 stalkers to get out an observer and at worst the game goes on to the mid-game and at best you win if they went for an early Dt rush without detection.

Robo: Against a 3 gate Robo or any type of defensive robo opening you still have a chance of winning and a decent chance of getting some damage done. Then if you don't do any damage your either tied or up a base and are able to contain them and maintain map control along with having complete knowledge of what their doing.

Forge fast expand: This is a PvP build that some, very few, people do and if your Dts manage to get past the cannon at the front its GG if not your still on 2 bases vs their 2 bases along with having a solid contain and being up in tech. This should allow you to do a strong mid-game timing attack or go into the late game with a decent lead.

- 3-5 gateway blink follow ups are great if you feel you have done enough damage to have a decent economic advantage. Blink follow ups are also great against a stargate player in which you have done some damage too since they will never be able to produce pheonixes since all their probes will have to go back on minerals to try and start reproducing probes.

- A 2 base timing with Robo units is also good if you were able to contain them on 1 base for a period of time.

- Immortal/ Archon is a good follow up all the time when your Dt rush failed it will provide you a good all round composition. allow you to do some warp prism harass if you want, and will give you good map control. It also works good because you will usually be up in Robo units since they will have to get at least 2 observer if not more out before they can even begin to make use of their Robo, which will either put you way ahead in immortal production or provide you a strong timing were you can hit them when their low on Colossi count. It also works good because you will usually have the better economy since your 3rd base will be far easier to get up and defend than theirs. Also Immortal/ Archon is great to because it provides an answer to both stargate and Robo builds if they are going heavy stargate units you make mainly Archons and harrass with your warprism if their going heavy collossi you make mainly Immortals.

- Collossi are also a very viable follow up and work great for all the same reasons as Immortal/ Archon are great, because your Robo will be able to produce immortal and Collosi sooner than theirs and you will be on a higher economy.

-You can even go for a stargate build after wards to you will have to do a little more harrasing and scouting to make sure they don't hit a timing were your low on units but with the Dts and all the tech you have up harrassing and delaying them is alot easier.

Again this is a build i thoroughly enjoy playing and find to be very versatile and felt I felt I should share it since i see very few people even using Dt expands except recently at the pro-level and I really think that this build could help people especially lower level players improve in PvP. Also their is an audio build that i have found recently that is identical to this build, so if you like the build and want to learn it that could help out too. I hope you guys enjoy the build and enjoy all the rage you get when your Dts start winning games early on.